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Flowers 5-bedroom layout cool big secret

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Green plants with ease visual fatigue, emotional stability, etc., in our normal living and work space, whether it is a balcony full of flowers, or just one corner at a desk before a good care for potted green plants are able to add on behalf of the Green Living Italy, and fresh air, people can enjoy the calm and the wind blowing with the breeze brought cooler.

Large open layout tips

Enhanced with color effects

If depends on the cool green layout to achieve the purpose, in addition to select a variety of different levels of green, for the environment to create a supernatural sense of the shade, but also the recommendations such as selection of white, beige, yellow and other color than fresh flowers, and plants can be demonstrated natural fresh, but also the whole atmosphere much easier.

Low degree of plant care

Know if he is very forgetful, will usually forget to irrigate and fertilize the plants, on the choice of most plants do not need to take care of it! Like gold Ge, ivy and other foliage plants for water and soil-Safe, or cactus, etc. do not need watering too often the many meat plants are all good choices.

Flower arrangement in lieu of pot
If feel that too much trouble potted gardening, but I hope the family can be seen in some plants, add vibrant greenery also increased, it may be to replace the potted flower arrangements, although may have lost some of the advantages of plants, but take care of apart from saving the trouble of outside, you can usually use Change to change the pattern interior atmosphere, it would have been an advantage.

Cool texture complement each other

Glass, metal or light-colored line of ceramic materials, such as the direction of selection for the flower, and not only allow interior is full of greenery, but also full of cooler; or use Fujieda sepaktakraw woven, rattan as a blue flower, and more are to be cool material applied to the ultimate approach.
The time dependent master spy
Although plants often dry due to not being adequately cared for while carving wilt, but the plant is nothing more water is definitely not the right option, it is recommended to plant at home prior to the flower shop to ask the person, find out how long the necessary watering, fertilization, and so on need the sun daily care issues.