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Flower economy

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Formely to us, the fresh flowers was a luxury goods, can we not only carried out in great quantities planting of the fresh flowers, supplied to pull a Sa market, but also sold to fresh flowers now Nepal.”33-year-old Luo mulberry time the Ren stand before glasshouse and say with proud of look.For-rent car led

The Luo mulberry time job with current Ren is to pull heap Long De of Sa City to celebrate county Gang virtuous vegetable wood plant the farmer vice- chairman of the board in the professional school store.That school store plants vegetable and flower according to the market demands variety since 2004 established, in recent years, in addition to planting a vegetable, also strongly expand flower to plant, and since the end of 2008, sell flower far Nepal.

Gang virtuous wood of gorgeous turn round an individual case not, statistics suggests, “15″ periods, total amount in Tibet carries out import and export total amount USD 2,724,000,000, is 3.3 times that of”15″ periods, the year all increases 32.41%.LED to illuminate profession

The Luo mulberry introduces, Gang virtuous vegetable wood in now plants the farmer professional school store to pull the biggest vegetable in Sa region flower production base, that school store covers 1500 acres, it is 920(include big Peng of fresh flowers glasshouse among them 100) to own efficiently sunlight glasshouse, the school store plants of the vegetable flower sale ground overaly whole pull Sa of region.

“The light hot resources of Tibet is abundant and plus glasshouse to plant and provided a good condition for vegetable growth.”The Luo mulberry points at a wayside a glasshouse say, ” takes tomato as an example and grows three Chis all right for a year, the yearly production reaches to 5,000,000 grams of above.Ask for help of these glasshouses, nearby villagers all the hair house amassed a fortune”.

However, this obtaining of 10% merit not easy matter.The Luo mulberry recalls, the vegetable’s base when 2000 just started, can not get the local crowd’s support, “in addition to some foreign doors, the local villager has no a participation plants of”.

For all that, once studies the Luo mulberry of agriculture technique but sees the foreground that plants in the ground’s development vegetable in the interborough agriculture school, at under him and some colleagues’ appealing, heap Long De celebrated a county to join the government plan and funds top to pay very great concern and support to the development of that base.LED which brand create

In 2004, heap Long Xuan2 the farmer school store start trying a luck camp, the funds of the nation throws in immediately enlarge, include interborough agriculture hair to do, agriculture herding the hall, science and technology hall and city counties all give the school store support strongly.In order to well transfer the aggressive of local farmer, the Luo mulberry is on one’s own initiative volunteer to army and start”lease”ing 5 glasshouses toward the school store oneself’s management in 2005 and only earned 40,000 dollars renminbi for 4 months.

“If make me grow till now, early become rich.”The Luo mulberry smiles to say to the reporter.At his arouse under, the nearby villager turns a hurl school store in succession.

The school store in now, have already had 358 local villagers participation management, compare with only 800 dollars or so year income of previous acre of ground, now each(about 8 cents, ground) glasshouse the accrual of 12,500 dollars, make the school store become a the region”fragrant Bo Bo” of the name matches the reality.Along with go into a suddenly increasing of the agency number, the glasshouse of the school store starts supply falls short of demand.

“The national plan adds 260 agricultures herding that sunlight glasshouses have been already registered owned by private capital this year more than 400 door.”"Since 2007, the villager of application glasshouse has to accept training and examination, the result gets into ex-10 to just entitle to get hold of glasshouse, rest of continuing and participating in training” Luo mulberry says to the reporter, .

Speak about the difficulty of development in the check and supervision school store, the Luo mulberry mentioned a funds problem first.He takes flower sale as an example to point out:”Though the school store has one to refrigerate a car, far far not enough use.And from pull Sa to carry Nepal, the journey is faraway, a car is also far far not enough.If there is enough funds to work out this problem, Gang the virtuous wood’s fresh flowers sale affirmation will include big breakthrough.”

The expectation of Luo mulberry will become reality in the near future.Interborough government definitely means in”25″ programmings, will devote major efforts to strengthen vegetable base construction, actively expansion efficiently sunlight glasshouse, abundant vegetable species, effectively guarantee a town vegetable supply.Government’s policy and funds support toward the Gang virtuous Lin Deng vegetable base, raising the head can treat.

For school store later of programming, Luo mulberry said, Gang virtuous wood will at possibly short time inside become “vegetable village”, “10000 dollars village” of the name matches the reality.Till then, Gang virtuous wood’s this brand will understand for more people.

prevention and cure

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

The cuckoo is red to take the net line thistle horse of prevention and cure
The cuckoo is red to take a net line of thistle horse is one of the familiar pests of azalea, make after doing ill the cuckoo leaf’s noodles face to face big slice of lose green hair white, but behind have in great quantities black excrement in leaf’s noodles, leaf’s slice spreads densely yellow white or grey color point of a needle because of victimizing noodles face to face the kind is a little bit small the whole slice of leaf even lose green hair Huang.Severity victimize new Shao to become brown and withered by heat, in great quantities shed leaves.

The cuckoo is red to take a net line thistle Ma Chong Ti grows 1.1-1.3 millimeters of or so, the beginning didn’t easily realize while doing ill and became the Xu-like in shape spot piece that insect chest and belly have a red vegetable, if the insect is thin yellow translucent, the belly back first half noodles has horizontal a very obvious red to take.LED汽車前大燈

The cuckoo is red to take a net line of the thistle horse take place 6~11 for a year according to the dissimilarity of occurrence region, generation layer after layer,

half-hardy exposition

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

American Tu Shi increases a color to add for half-hardy exposition in world in Xian colourfulEnergy releases

Half-hardy exposition in the world is all past in the China of our country, city Xian of the landscape Be grand to hold.On this green environmental protection, harmonious and healthy grand occasion, being a life time park will American Tu Shi of the transformer substation coating supplier not only increase a color to add for it colourful, also considerately is Anne the guarantor member and visitor send up fresh and cool.Temperature rise

The topic of current meeting in a life time park is “nature and man Chang-an · creativity nature- city and natural harmonious symbiosis” and initiate in brief, low carbon, regression nature of the green live.American Tu Shi Ren has been being his/her own instruction principle”health is a hard truth” as well and concentrate on a development, produce and sell healthy environmental protection coating.Before after layer after layer investigation bid, a life time park will the transformer substation threw on American Tu Shi creates for it of the healthy environmental protection, anti- Be dirty to bear to wait, hold out for long time often new jacket, will exhibit a period in a life time park bright present in all countries to visit of at present.

A life time park in July will welcome another visit peak season, many peoples and foreign visitor upsurge, for the sake of a see meeting elegant appearance in a life time park and history bottom Yun deep, humanities breathing thick heavy magic power Xian.American Tu Shi who integrates into this city paints, the doing not forget as well is Xian contribution strength at the moment.Xian is being placed in three Fu stages in the sky, the fire hot sun and heat and the weather chopping about keeping on lets citizen in Xian and visitor usually the Cu cannot compare with to defend, this also protects a work for Anne in Xian to bring not small trouble.This work for letting smoothly progress, the market has keen sense of smell of American Tu Shi Ren in Xian quickly go to move, free for each patrol a point to provide American Tu Shi the sun umbrella, for a life time park will Anne protect a work to shield from wind to block rain and cast a shade to block sun.Color’s superelevation

From being a life time park in Xian will transformer substation coating the supplier will increase a color to add for a life time park colourful, arrive order for the public security free issue a brand the sun of the umbrella send ascend fresh and cool, American Tu Shi paints at the time of extending publicity, increment brand influence, doesn’t forget to feel grateful a repay society and offers oneself’s strength.American Tu Shi Ren in Xian says:”For ensure a life time park will of develop smoothly, the Anne guarantor member of Xian’s ignoring is a scorching hot sun, is still that the storms all have been firmly standing by on the work post of the front line.Ability with these lovely worthy of respect of factitiousness five, is American Tu Shi Ren to feel very proud of!”

Gardening and health

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Thousands of years ago it was found that, walking in the garden with a calm mood and promote the rehabilitation of the role. The ancient Egyptian physicians for psychiatric patients treatment method is to let one of the patients, in the park activity. Gardening health effects have been recognized by the medical community, experts will be through horticultural activities to care and a method called” horticultural therapy”. Now, horticultural therapy is believed to be a complement to modern medicine shortage of adjuvant therapy, is to help relieve the patient pain, soothing and effective way. Your home is also a frail old people? Then let them try to raise a flower or plant vegetables and horticultural activities in health care, and at the same time, also help them to rekindle the passion for life.LED next shipment
Whether in the small balcony, or in a private garden, gardening can bring joy and pleasure. The creation of beauty and beauty of the communication for people to bring multiple health effects.
Swap the spiritual life
Gardening helps to adjust the modern people’s spiritual life. The fragrance of flowers, make people be good to hear or see, emotional tone. The room where a few flowers, or in the courtyard planting some flowers, bonsai, can enrich and beautify the home environment, increase life interest, eliminate negative emotions. Flower cultivation bonsai is doing manual labor training, is the embodiment of the cultural and artistic accomplishment. Research confirms, often ornamental potted plants, flowers, so that people become docile temperament, people in a bad mood is cheerful, depressed people become positive. Some of the older patients with autism, participate in gardening after, life add to the fun, the loneliness and loneliness is a lot less. Moreover, people in growing grass, through the feeling and the experience of this elegant entertainment and enjoyment, can adjust the mood, to bring some kind of spiritual sustenance and comfort.
Prevention and treatment of diseasesLED lighting drive
Gardening bring health benefits is very wide. Such as planting, watering, weeding, labor, can increase the amount of physical activity, exercise the muscles of the limbs and joints. Large number of observation and study found, gardening on neurosis, hypertension, heart disease has a good role of adjuvant therapy, especially when the patient is in a relatively stable condition after, appropriate gardening, more conducive to improve the nervous system and cardiovascular system function. In addition, there are emotional stability and eliminate insomnia disease effect. LED sapphire substrateCalcium deficiency is more common with older, studies also confirmed: often gardening can cause bone strength, prevent osteoporosis. Many flowers have its special effects, contribute to disease prevention. Scientists discover, many plants flowers secrete aromatic oil in a special aromatic substances. This kind of substance is inhaled into the lungs into the body parts, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and regulate the central nervous function. Chinese clinical pharmacy practitioners from fragrant fragrant volatile oil was detected in a variety of bactericidal substance. In addition, in the Green Zone activities, relieve fatigue, eliminate nervous emotion, so that decreased skin temperature, pulse slow down, breathing evenly, olfactory, auditory and thinking activities to enhance the flexibility of.factories concern

Half-hardy industry

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Half-hardy industry is the agriculture plants industry production in of importance constitute part, for abundant mankind’s nourishment and the beautification, reform mankind the existence environment contain important meaning.led lighting design

The half-hardy industry history is long, the cent treads less, at the beginning and only as an agricultural subsidiary section, has the property that the self-sufficient grows.The half period rises and produces a strengthening of region division of labour along with high development and agriculture of agriculture productivity after 19th century, the half-hardy industry becomes planting of independence industry section but gets a quick development gradually.In addition to economic flourishing nation, some nations of third world also build to take half-hardy industry as the plantation of object in succession.20th century middle, the half-hardy industry becomes creating the importance remitting an agriculture to constitute part.led grow lights

The origins of half-hardy industry can trace back to the earlier period stage of agriculture development.According to study of ancient relics to discover material, the stone age has already started educating palm tree Zao, fig, oil olives, grape and onions.The Egyptian civilization most prosperous period, the half-hardy industry production also tends flourishing, all have a cultivation such as the banana, lemon, pomegranate, cucumber, hyacinth bean, garlic, lettuce, and rambling rose…etc..Have already mentioned fruit tree to marry to connect to store with fruit in the agriculture work of ancient Rome period etc., at that time combine already the original type glasshouse of useful mica slice cover carry on a vegetable to facilitate a cultivation.In addition to planting various fruit tree,such as apple, pear, fig, and pomegranate…etc., , the nobility manor also educates various appreciate to use flower and grass like bulb of lily, rose, violet, fleur-de-lis, ten thousand life chrysanthemum etc..The Middle Ages period half-hardy industry is once falling off.led home lighting

Literature renew period, half-hardy industry and then again rise in Italy and spread to the whole Europe.After New Continent discovers, the half-hardy farm crop, such as yonder corn, potato, tomato, sweet potato, pumpkin, string bean, Bo Luo, oil pear, cashew nut and long mountain walnut…etc. are extensively led a kind.Trade and transportation will stimulate the development of half-hardy industry further again hereafter.12 volt led lighting

Chinese summer the company period agriculture industry and half-hardy industry still have no obvious division of labour.Pu beginning in the Chinese week generation, park is an independent management section to appear, the farm crop that planted inside the park Pu at that time have already had vegetable, melons and fruits and economy wood etc..Fight a country period have already planted to grow recording of melon, peach, Zao and Li Deng’s fruit tree to say in the work.The Qin Han half-hardy industry developed very greatly.Because the thing square association increases, some half-hardy farm crop are spread to west such as the peach, and almond…etc.;Also from abroad ushered in garlic, cucumber, grape, pomegranate, and walnut…etc. in the meantime.《The book of the man 》jot down too officer’s park to grow vegetables, such as spring onion and Jiu…etc. indoors in winter, explain the glasshouse develops in China already a long time.South and North Dynasty breed and educate in the fruit tree there aren’t a few creation invention on the technique.Tang and Sung after, the half-hardy industry especially appreciates a half-hardy industry to develop quickly and appears the valuable species of a lot of peonies, Shao medicine, plum and chrysanthemum etc..Clear and pure period, the sea transportation greatly opens, the gingko, loquat, orange and cabbage, and turnip…etc. successively spread toward the abroad and also ushered in more half-hardy farm crop from the abroad in the meantime.The in the past develops in the glasshouse, the fruit tree breed and educate a cultivating of technique, valuable flower species and carry on with all countries to extensively communicate on the half-hardy business etc. the Zhuo have results to show.led lighting automotive

In 20th century after, the half-hardy industry produces to conduct a development to the business enterprise day by day and include a fruit tree, vegetable and appreciate a plant at inside of the half-hardy product become people perfect food nourishment more and more and beautify, the necessity of decontamination environment.The grape in the fruit tree, orange, banana and apple, coconut and Bo Luo, the bean in the vegetable, melon and the cut flowers, and bulbous root flower…etc. in the flower also continuously raise in the specific weight in the international trade.Because of the application of many modern science technique results, the half-hardy industry production technique progresses quickly.If the plant hormone bred for the half-hardy farm crop with regulating of growth result to provide new means, the tissue culture technique made and bred half-hardy farm crop quickly and carry on without virus’ teaching seedling be possible, the extensive application of the plastics thin film consumedly made a convenience of various half-hardy farm crop of protection ground production, the control only shines on a processing and supplied vegetable and fresh flowers to develop new path for anniversary, various fruit adopts and accepts machine and the invention collecting a machine and makes the half-hardy industry produced and probably ends a handicraft operation very soon, the progress of the genetics makes the half-hardy farm crop taught and grows a work and raises new level, the modern and half-hardy industry has become comprehensive apply various science technique result with promote production of important realm;In the meantime, the half-hardy industry produces a technical research and also turns over the development toward the plant physiology, and genetics…etc. to have to emolliently promote a function.

The horticulture learns

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

The horticulture learns, is study the quality resources, growth of the growing of half-hardy farm crop growth regulation, breed, educate, teach a kind, store, process, disease of insect and build science of park etc..Gold price

Along with science technical development, the horticulture learns of research contents and division of labour are also more concrete.The category that the horticulture learns is generally divided into fruit tree horticulture to learn, the vegetable horticulture learn, appreciate horticulture to learn and build a park to learn four major types, the scholar, who also have, is five major types the half-hardy credit, will soon the nursery garden learn single row 1 type.

The fruit tree horticulture learns to is the species that studies fruit tree and grow temperament and educate science of management and product processing;

The vegetable horticulture learns to is the species that studies a vegetable and grow temperament and educate science of management and product processing;The examination shape

It is science that studies flower and appreciates an arboreal species, grows temperament and educates management and application to appreciate horticulture to learn;

Build a park to learn and call the park programming design to learn, is the design that studies park grass, program, construction and protect science of management.

Horticulture profession
The business fosters a target:This professional development has basic theories, basic knowledge and basic technical ability that biology and horticulture learn, can manage in the agriculture, company Mao and park etc. the realm and section is engaged in deluxe science technique of the technique and design, expansion and development, management and management, teaching and research etc. work for having something to do with half-hardy science talented person.

The business fosters a request:This basic theories and basic knowledge that the professional student mainly studies biology and horticulture to learn, is subjected to a half-hardy plant research, production, management of basic training, have the basic ability that the half-hardy plant production, technique development and expansion, half-hardy business enterprise conducts a management.

The graduate student should acquire following several knowledge and ability:

1.have the basic theories knowledge of firm mathematics, physics, and chemistry…etc.;

2.control the basic theories, basic knowledge that biology and horticulture learn;

3.control the programming design, half-hardy farm crop cultivation of half-hardy field(park) and grow the quality resources protection, species seed selection with good kind of heavy teach, the insect grass of disease cause prevention and cure, half-hardy product to commercialize processing etc. technical ability;

4.acquaint with an agriculture production, village work and have something to do with half-hardy plant producing related policy, policy and laws;Gold market

5.have an agriculture can keep on the consciousness and basic knowledge of development, understanding horticulture production and science technical science before follow with development trend;

6.control the basic method of science and technology cultural heritage index, data search, have certain science research and physically work ability.

Phnom Penh Rui

Monday, July 11th, 2011

The Phnom Penh Rui fragrant bud puts to breed
Pre-war projects
The bud puts.The bud puts to sproutlace headway to go in spring and put the Sui selection tree hat in, upper part that year living a substantial and strong, stay the upper part one leaf, the bud Yi should have obvious bud to order, with one leaf’s one bud one put for like.Must use benefit knife while taking Sui, from the Yi bud the knife in upper part, inclined line of cut off, GREEN JASPERpare into Ma Er Xing, noticing don’t hurt Yi bud and take root to draw sprout by benefit.Add 30% thin sand to make Qian to put radicle quality with loose leaf’s soil, easy to short put inserting of Sui to fix.Need to be advertent BE, the Qian puts ex- soil and thin sand radicle quality beard loosenning a leaf place the sun the bottom insolate disinfection.The Qian inserted 1| in soil while putting 2, the Qin was solid after putting and slightly sprinkled water and kept moist, about can take root for 40 days live.After treating to living a new, the next year spring moves again to plant last.Lasting achievements

county apple

Friday, July 8th, 2011

The even cool city is rather quiet the “horticulture” revolution of county apple
The sweet Su saves even cool city quiet rather county, the country of Chinese apple, the loess plateau apple advantage of Department of Agriculture dilimitation produces one of the areas.

Calm down rather the apple not only be deeply subjected to consumer’s favor in the domestic, and come out an entrance to a country and stepped on the EU international high level market like this.

Quiet rather the apple why can walk world?According to understanding, in addition to the feat natural condition of the soil, and weather…etc., new technical expansion make use of, is quiet rather the apple achieve important”magic weapon” of good quality.But the artificial teach powder and black film to overaly a technique and have a decisive function.

The artificial teaches powder:The exaltation sits a fruit rate, the heel”disable and sick fruit” says not

At city Chuan country Wu Miao Cun’s an orchard in, the Pei blessing becomes the young fruit that the old man points at a full tree to say:”Can knot a fruit, all depend a little bit ex- pollen for ten days.You see and have never ordered the flower bud of pollen to fall on touching.”

Villager, Wu Zhen, flapped last year to adopt the artificial teaches a powder technique, the knot comes out of apple not only the head is all big, and is 85 fruits(the apple horizontal path reaches to 85 millimeters), an acre of orchard increment income is above 3000 dollars.The demonstration that Wu Zhen flaps makes the Pei blessing become to sit to lived not, he bought 15 grams of pollens this year and plused a forestry section free issue of 30 gram, carried on to order powder to 3 acres of many orchards.

In recent years, calm down rather fruit article the industry Be large-scale to extend, the whole county orchard area comes to a 800,000 acres of above.But teach the want for of powder tree, resulted”soft rib” of article development.

For effectively solving this problem, this year, county forestry section the west buy into pollen from the mountain more than 20 kilograms, plus a fruit agriculture to self-make of, the whole countieses total usage amount of pollen reaches to more than 60 kilograms, but an acre of dosage of ground is 10 gram.On these grounds measure to calculate, the artificial teaches powder orchard this year the area reach to 6000 acres of above.In the meantime, calm down this year the county rather usher in cave lips wall still from Shandong the Feng is 20,000, respectively at cure even, Li Dian, Wei Rong, city Chuan etc. in the southern point fruit area throw in to teach powder.

The black film overalies:Protect fatty stanza water, shout bravo for”economy energy park”

Dry little rain is the basic weather characteristics that the northwest loess plateau apple lord produces area, is also a check and supervision apple, the production suggests the main factor that the quality increases an effect.For effectively cracking this bottleneck problem, in recent years, calm down rather the county manage in the universal management technique for adopting “do not need a Geng overlay” soil in the orchard, especially the film overlay of Gao Long Hei protect fatty stanza water technical application, effectively solved orchard soil to manage a medium many problem and received the effect of half effort and double results.

Originally, the fruit agriculture consistently uses hoe grass, medium Geng, deeply turn over, infuse the orchard management of water etc. high strength technique, afterwards have already replied sand, reply grass and grow grass again etc. orchard ground overlay technique, but the traditional technique causes of the direct problem is to get material difficult, cost Gao.”The film overlay of Gao Long Hei protects fatty stanza water technique acre economy cost about 300 dollars, grew to create good water for fruit tree, fatty, annoy, hot condition, promoted growth growth of fruit tree.”Quiet rather the county thunder ditch village village pay a book distance to say with the interest.”This technique generally combines autumn to apply fertilizer or the early spring jelly soil melt ex- take tree trunk as center, do 10 Li rices in height to 20 Li rices, breadth 240 Li rices to the high Long of 280 Li rices, the Long noodles has to be neat and smooth, use iron Pi clap actually.Autumn or spring crest Ling  overaly 1.2-1.4 meters breadth blackly film.”The distance speaks of this technique and seems to be very”profession” with the interest.

This year, calm down rather the county orchard black film overaly up to 110,000 acres and pluses a white film, replies grass and spreads sand etc. measure, the whole county overlay in the orchard ground leads up to above 70%.

According to understanding, quiet rather the county carries out each item to lift quality to increase effect measure completely this year and totally Be finished nation, save, city, county four classes are 8 types of 216,500 acres that standardize a model park.The whole county orchard cultivation and management still integrated to measure soil formula to apply fertilizer, high radiation tree form improvement, teach a powder tree reformation, build to defend hail net etc. comprehensive technique measure, will consumedly raise apple quality.


Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Gardening is refers to the fruit, vegetables, flowers and trees to watch the cultivation and breeding technology. At the same time belongs to agriculture class and agriculture class specialized, gardening graduates in all kinds of agricultural production and the theory of has special advantages. In ancient times, fruit, vegetables and flowers grow often limited within the garden, the field and agricultural production has so called the gardening. Gardening correspondingly divided into fruit trees gardening, vegetable gardening and ornamental gardening.

Gardening is the basis of the agriculture part of human nutrition and beautification, rich change of human living environment to have the important meaning. Horticultural crops generally refers to in small scale of intensive cultivation with high economic value of the crops. Mainly divided into fruit trees, vegetables and ornamental plants 3 kinds big.

Gardening originated from the Stone Age, the Renaissance, gardening in Italy and preach to rise again from all over Europe. Chinese yuen Po started as independent zhou dynasty department has. The training field, in the greenhouse horticulture fruit trees reproductive and cultivation technique, rare flowers varieties of cultivating and horticulture cause with other countries in the extensive exchanges successful. 20 centuries later, gardening production increasingly to business development. The modern gardening has become a comprehensive application of scientific and technological achievements in order to promote the production of important fields. Horticultural products has become perfect human food nutrition and beautification, purify the living environment of the necessities.