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activity to publish

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Visit world horticulture ·visit China thou all-ten thousand admission tickets in a life time park greatly draw prizes an activity to publish
Half-hardy exposition publicity in world in Xian promotes sales an activity again lift a high tide.”Visit world horticulture ·Tai solar energy visit China thou all- ten thousand admission ticket surprised pleased big gifts in a life time park greatly draw prizes” activity that is sponsored by tour bureau in Xian City draws lottery in public in Xian, Shaanxi today, 3341 lucky acquired a life time park in Xian meeting admission ticket etc. big prize.

This activity asks for help of network terrace, market supply reportwith thou of tour all Xian is a radicle to order, the award has an aviation ticket, cabaret accommodation and a life time park meeting admission ticket etc..From July 29 the activity developed, up to this dawn, the movable web page clicks quantity to attain 1,240,000 many, directly register the netizen of participation to break 140,000.Today draws prizes activity the spot the communist living a to wait a prize 25, the accessit is 40, the No. 3 quality prize is 3276.Xian City travels bureau chief in the bureau love to all say for week:”On waiting a prize to provide a location to go back and forth ticket 2 in Xian, own three days in Xian and two nights of accommodation in the meantime, a life time park meeting admission ticket 2;The accessit acquires cabaret accommodation for two nights, meeting admission ticket 3 in a life time park;LED illuminatesThe No. 3 quality prize gainer is 3276, will consequently acquire three meeting admission ticket in a life time parks.”

Make each one got prizes to can get hold of an award for assurance, activity’s making a set of Wei will announce to get prize list on the net,LED lighting faces and since tomorrow in a row three times to get a prize to send out an E-mail, mail the lottery ticket to get prize hand with the registered letter in the meantime in

Heilongjiang swim grape

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Half-hardy stanzaLED industry policy in Harbin and country in Heilongjiang swim grape to pick stanza to open in the modern agriculture park of September 1′s east gold in Harbin, is or so for the period for one and half months.Current half-hardy stanza will with publicity half-hardy industry, feel half-hardy magic power and strengthen a food safety for aim, display Harbin completely the black soil half-hardy special feature industry and village economic society coldly develop a result.Medium mountain LED

According to understanding, from people’s government in Harbin City and Heilongjiang province travel the bureau sponsor together the fifth half-hardy stanza in Harbin, the topic is for”green, health, harmony, develop”.The main exhibition area east gold modern agriculture model park totally establishes a half-hardy result demonstration area, organic food to evaluate the area exhibition area, wine fortress and grape to pick area etc. six greatest exhibition area.Visitor can in the garden from set up of inside 500 meters grape long gallery, pass the picture exhibition plank understanding recent years admire the city half-hardy result.Can still just inside the grape Kingdom sunlight hall, pass to evaluate the east gold modern agriculture different season self-producting fruit vegetables in model garden, understand green, organic food, and food safe knowledge, raise a food safety consciousness.LED profession displaysThen, the mini fruit cucumber, Korean string of bead tomato, Taiwanese treasure hat and Taiwan little orchid in Holland mini watermelon and real estate special feature vegetable etc. will be also exhibitted.

The current half-hardy stanza will also hold 5 series activities and standardize construction in the garden to observe and learn meeting and north big Huang fruit Shu to pick stanza, Heilongjiang country to swim grape to pick stanza,LED or lose Koreascience and technology forum on the scene for the facilities vegetable respectively and city maple leaf stanza.

should send what flower

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

The seeing you should send what flower
In this festival you whether thought of romantic seventh night of the seventh moon that and sends what kind for Valentine’s Day does the gift give you girl friend and in fact and regardless send what gifts are all expressions of a love.At the seventh night of the seventh moon gift in the middle and a lot of persons of Valentine’s Day still will choose to send the floral, the fresh flowers is favourite of big parts of girls, but while choosing sends you the girl friend fresh flowers whether you knows what type of fresh flowers your girl friend exactly even likes?In fact this can according to their horoscopes will be more to the point to suit to picking and eject 12 horoscopes for everyone as follows Valentine’s Day the gift should send at the seventh night of the seventh moon of fresh flowers type:

What does Valentine’s Day of the seventh night of the seventh moon send Aries to spendLED lamps

Aries:The Aries belongs to a fire elephant horoscope, enthusiasm but again generous, personality determination but again aggressive.The MM of Aries is full of vigor and vitality, is the strongest female of independence in 12 horoscopes.Consequently while choosing a rose, should with same representative enthusiasm fire of red rose is lord, go together with up white of embellish and deep red color wrapping paper, you of sweet talk have already completely handed over to the flower in the hand, believed you of Aries MM while receiving the present, will send the brilliant smiling face to you!Perhaps and still just you of does the cheeks leave a very small lipstick to print to record!

What does Valentine’s Day of the seventh night of the seventh moon send Taurus to spend

Taurus:Belong to Taurus of soil elephant horoscope, the temperament is moderate to be worth trusting, but owns melancholy personality.You of does the Taurus MM usually hope you with the melancholy look in the eyes?Ask for Taurus MM that the person loves thus, how should you win her tender heart?Purple red rose represented a gentleness with sincerely, the yellow wrapping paper then represented cheery and generous, match like this since expressed the gentleness of gold cow, also conveniently expressed you hope she brighter wish.Believe you of gold cow MM while receiving the present, will be awkward and shy but again happy smiling person

What does Valentine’s Day of the seventh night of the seventh moon send Gemini to spend

Gemini:Gemini that belongs to a breeze elephant horoscope excels 72 to change, the thinking of the reasonableness, make the MM of Gemini had a liking for to be full of intelligence and spiritual influence, the dual personality then a little bit makes the person hard to cut and polish, usually girl’s son like this also I am the hardest to cope with.So what kind of rose, just suit you of lover?The hybrid rose nosegay suits the MM of Gemini very much, red of passionate, purple of special and elegant, white of clean and pure, powder color of innocent, go together with a transparent wrapping paper, display Gemini special personality characteristic, need not worry the assortment of rose is too complicated, probably you of the double son MM is to like this kind of motley taste!

What does Valentine’s Day of the seventh night of the seventh moon send Cancer to spendPerformance requirement

Cancer:Cancer belongs to water elephant horoscope, gentle and soft, considerate and easy emotion’s turning is its characteristics.The MM of Cancer compares sensitive, the emotion rises and falls a little bit greatly, and all of the loving, anger, saddness, and happiness hang on the face.Therefore, representative gentle and soft and clean and pure powder color rose, became the best choice of presenting the Cancer MM naturally.Powder color of elegantly simple can a little bit well bring into relief a female of gentle and soft and charmingly feminine, if plus a setting off of thin powder color wrapping paper again, show the nosegay of Cancer personality to take in the your hand, the Cancer MM at once sending to you goes there!

green shape flower territory

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

The green shape flower territory designs various gardens the beauty is also
How design like a courtyard, the plant is foundation, is also a soul of courtyard, such as stone material, and timber…etc. compared, plant could say that is us with nature of cooperation colleague.They bring of is a dynamic view.Can also with the change but change of season years, the flower blossoms, the flower fall result, leaf’s slice to change countenance and even die of old age etc..The different season sees a different view, can also see the views, such as sense of vision and sense of hearing…etc. that the plant brings and dance in the wind an etc. such as the birds’ twitter and the butterfly.Equally have a passion for this occupation of we like supple feeling for those and respect the design garden of environmental people, can accept the courage that the bold design conceives outline.The good design wants to embody a design of multi-function, balance and unify to make a show of.LED little lotus

General home garden, the turf-grass is foundation, on this foundation, the different district presses the function with appreciate of, is going together with the plants of growing the dissimilarity, the plants of a set per set fall to constitute, is been combined by the plant, perennial or herbage flower by the different tall tree, big bush, small bush and ground to form one stereoscopic cluster of fall, an independent view.The courtyard design of Europe and America is this kind of cluster of to fall concept.

The tulip of old root flower can be a kinds of the ground for falling is spent a territory, the different color assortment constitutes and formed a is obvious cluster of to fall and layer of planting and planting body.

Different appearance flower, like matching of size circular, long form, square, have can attain appearance up of balance.

From night root flower the kind match, according to the characteristic and color of plant, planting the art of planting the design is to put together these and set off mutually in the different season and make it even have to appreciate dint.sparse soil stock

Spend a territory to also want to notice the balance of sense of vision, symmetry, such as the diagram is planted by three color Jins to plant of ball circular the pattern all want to match to plant kind and shape so much, can constitute the color balance mutually harmonious sense of vision.

Want a simple villa home garden such as your, plant to plant is fallen by main cluster of sixes to constitute.Each flock falls it to appreciate and function, these are six plant cluster to want to combine to plant to come to well develop together very properly it to appreciate and function of effect.

The choice of plant, each plant category definitely grew up height, width, appearance and appreciated characteristic, we designed of planting and planting the combination start to want to a quite, excited, curious and mysterious felling that arouses people’s heart.

Combine a plant to be like composite picture, choose of plant have to in the color, appearance, quality, take time of period, result etc. shape up make up, match mutually.We also want to consider the management of plant in the meantime.If cut, the plant diseases and insect pests waits to all need with meticulous care a design and turns

Plant category, reasonably arrange, satisfy the idea of owner of we also want to satisfy the request of design in the meantime.Want to let the plant is outside the very harmonious growth in the courtyard, also want with courtyard building and use of the material mutually blend to set off mutually and well plant to plant a design dynamically can keep on for a long time and can’t end forever.If you think to be beautiful own garden, so please contact us, let to have a passion for flower and grass equally of we design for you previous you ideal medium dream garden.

standard park this year

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Department of Agriculture will establish 600 half-hardy farm crop standard park this year

Recently, the reporter establishes from the national and half-hardy farm crop standard park for convening in Peking the work decoration will ascend to learn of, Department of Agriculture will establish 600 half-hardy farm crop standard park this year, among them, the vegetable standard park is 500(include edible germ and west muskmelon), the fruit standard park is 75, tea-leaf standard 25 in the park.topic eight want

Recently, the reporter establishes from the national and half-hardy farm crop standard park for convening in Peking the work decoration will ascend to learn of, Department of Agriculture will establish 600 half-hardy farm crop standard park this year, among them, the vegetable standard park is 500(include edible germ and west muskmelon), the fruit standard park is 75, tea-leaf standard 25 in the park.

The half-hardy farm crop standard park regarding vegetable as principle’s establishing is “basket for groceries son” production the importance supporting item constitute part.Department of Agriculture plants an industry management department department chief leaf the Zhen piano is willing ascend to put forward, pass the half-hardy farm crop standard park establishes the realization”3 ensure”, then ensure an agricultural product quality safety, ensure a production supply stability, ensure an economic efficiency exaltation.Concretely say

According to know, the half-hardy farm crop standard park establishes to begin from 2009.Compared with the former years, this year’s standard park establishes item to have four characteristicses:On being that the scale is larger, the funds scale extends to°from 100,000,000 dollars in last year this year’s 300,000,000 dollars and supports a park number to increase to°from 200 600;Two is a contents more enrich, in originally stabilizing to raise product quality and the foundation of efficiency, increased the contents that the improvement production condition, to build up meets an emergency the ability of supplying;Three is the point is more outstanding and particularly supports vegetable farm crop and particularly support northern facilities vegetable in the region;Four is have higher request and will adopt a “set up first to repair behind” method and qualifiedly give subsidy to the completing task and checking and accepting.

It is the core that the standard park establishes to standardize.The meeting emphasizes that when the application standardizes and produces a technique, the construction standardizes of infrastructure, the implementation standardizes of the whole distance quality safe management system, meet an emergency supply ability by exaltation, gradually set up a half-hardy product quality safe management long effect mechanism.Wedding nine”don’t ” on that day

How to keep good pitcher plant

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

The pitcher plant is very a type of geezer plant, not only the appearance is strange, and still have the skill of food insect.Each”pig cage” has a cover above, but doesn’t shut to match.Once there being an insect climbing into from the bottle, meeting drive sticky the liquid is sticky live, then stick to a liquid and then will resolve the protein of insect body into aqueous solution of appearance, become the nutrition that oneself grows.Electrostatic induction

The pitcher plant is the pitcher plant section food insect plant, all belong to probably have 70 remaining to grow, for living the rattan of herbage or half lignification for several years originally plant.In the low wet lawn that was produced to the tropical rain forest or warmth at first, liked to be warm and high wet, the environment of half Yin, grew the temperature as 25-30 ℃ , lowest don’t should be lower than 18 ℃ .

Keeping the good pitcher plant has to have four conditions:craft’s help

A, the development soil have to be loose well ventilated.Can enrich the loose sex soil of containing the quality of Fu Zhi with the water Tai, peat soil, Fu leaf’s soil, and coco bran…etc..The root of pitcher plant is thin and small, and the abnormality is young and delicate.In spite of is lately last to still keep changing basin, should pretty much careful, don’t harm its root to fasten.The pitcher plant fears a drought and hates Lao, the basin soil should often keep tide smooth.The pitcher plant is proper to use to hang basin to protect, since doubly add an idea interest, also easy to water and spray fog, benefit the soil is well ventilated at the basin.

Two, the pitcher plant like to compare the cultivation soil of acidity and request the PH of soil that being worth is between 4-4.5, more than this scope doesn’t adapt to.So, can not sprinkle to infuse tap water over a long period of time.If want an usage, should regulate the PH value to 4-4.5 of, otherwise stop growing to even advantage

Three, the pitcher plant grow in the tropical rain forest of plant, request the relative humidity of air between 75%-85%, otherwise the plant will become more and more small.If when the condition doesn’t have must spray water, can spray 5-6 times every day.The weather still needed to spray several more while being dry.

Four, must work well to defend in winter cold heat a work, the indoor temperature has to stabilize a square at above 18 ℃ Be safe to pass the winter.

Why does the pitcher plant want to eat an animal?Studies according to the scientist, they live in the acidity soil, this soil doesn’t have nitrogen plain nourishment and other organic materials, so with eat an insect to draw to take nourishment, maintenance life, this is also the plant evolution process in to environment condition of a kind of orientation ability.

The winter nature of north has no insect, the pitcher plant will lack “foodstuffs”, however can factitiously and a little amountly provide 1:00.If separate half month each time, “feed” it with the small bread insect once and feed one in a “bottle” all right already.Such as if hope it can catch a gnat fly, that was a misunderstanding.

exhibition next month holds

Friday, August 12th, 2011

The south Chong head large and half-hardy flower exhibition next month holdscoherent of design

The city hall sponsors of south Chong head public welfare large and half-hardy flower exhibition will at the next month in the city hall new area people the park draw back a purdah.Plan an exhibition for more than 10 skies times.Yesterday(11), reporter the administrative office learned of from the city park, in 10 main exhibition regiments, 5′s joining the exhibition regiment has already delivered to design project and design effect diagram, these designed the project was each to have a special feature, each exhibition elegant appearance.profession request

According to understanding, people total area in the park reaches to 20 remainings ten thousand square meters, city head half-hardy flower exhibition office will it according to the form of “nine temple spaces”s, and will most in the center a space penny is two is city originally class and the Peng Anne’s county, the peripheral position then stays to each county(city, area), 10 total main exhibition regiments join the exhibition, each exhibition regiment has ascend thousand arrive around ten thousand square meters not wait of exhibition place.

Yesterday, the reporter arrived at a half-hardy flower exhibition office, an effect diagram with beautiful piece let a person big satisfied chance to enjoy seeing.Among them, the reporter’s eyeball was attracted to the effect diagram of the city this class, the instrument Long county, camp mountain county.City originally the effect diagram of class Be whole to become oval, each become in the circle fan-shaped, each fan-shaped take each difference of color, plant fresh gorgeous flower and few half-hardy tree of each difference of body, the colourful flower takes intertexture to together make the person enjoy to please the eye;Each fan-shaped and close connect with each other the flower of around central big cluster of regiment, symbolize south each county(city, area) of Chong City the people are under the leadership of city Wei, city hall”eight noodles comes to breeze and grows luxuriantly flourishing”.”Oval” front not there is still bright fountain in distance, is decorated with flower to take.advertent important point

forum opened yesterday

Friday, August 5th, 2011

The world flower of China Dalian half-hardy forum opened yesterday
Yesterday, it was protected 2011 world flower of China Dalian half-hardy forums that the Er half-hardy group sponsors by city hall and the United States to draw back a purdah in the new world cabaret.Mayoral〃 Li Wan just attends opening ceremony and address, vice- mayoral〃 Sun Guang Tian and the United States protects Er the half-hardy group chief executive officer and chief executive officer Anna announce a subject lecture, a domestic and international flower half-hardy realm expert scholar attends.How to apply

This forum take”colorful city · gorgeous life · green future” as topic and surrounds a flower plant to exist the influence of development on mankind, in the application innovation in the view, flower plant’s the new technique of the flower production new mode, and the park carries on a forward-looking but thorough discussion to the important function that promotes city environment etc. special subject, will also hold “2011 international flower new products in Dalian grow a new technique demonstration will and the economic trade canvass business to talk over meeting” in the meantime.administration programming

Li Wan just represents a city hall to mean a congratulation to the this time forum’s holding, he says, Dalian was once affirmed by United Nations relevant organization for”the place of the most suitable proper development flower in the Chinese north”.The world flower of China Dalian half-hardy forum will develop trend in the accurate confidence world flower industry, speed flower industry creative development etc. obtain an important result, necessarily will to world flower industry of the future produce important but profound influence and have the aggressive push the function towards raising Dalian being to China flower industry development level.We will take this forum as a chance and make Dalian become gorgeous and colorful city and the green home of investor.

On that day, the city hall returns and protects the Er half-hardy group to sign strategy cooperation frame name allows

Lotus flower stanza

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Lotus flower stanza, “small half-hardy teacher” at act
“The lotus pond of the turns and twists of affairs top, what Mi hope is the leaf of farmland farmland ……” makes the person like Chi from the lotus pond moonlight of pure style of writing if inebriate.Happened to be “lotus flower birthday” of folk tale last Sunday, inside the park of Mo Chou Hu, the third lotus flower cultural art stanza was developing in imposing array, the origin reported 45 small observer crests wore a hot sun and clapped a lotus and drew lotus, article lotus seed, remaining of the lotus pond romantic feeling experienced personally “lotus leaf, He Tian Tian, “, also covered half-hardy teacher, understood potted plant knowledge and Qian to put technical skill.Saying dully,

“Who know what day today is?”On entering park, half-hardy teacher Ping2 Pang gives an everyone a”hard nut to crack”.”Is a civil lotus flower stanza, we want to lead a birthday for lotus flower!”Liu Wu Qian Huis of the drum building one primary school in the center raises a small hand to rob to answer a way and knows to want to Mo Chou Hu, the young girl did enough homework a day in advance, this problem root was difficult don’t pour her.

“The lotus flower stanza customs has which”"water lily and lotus flower have what dissimilarity”, everyone is attending lecture a solution and using the camera”Mao Ca” fierce clap.Hear that there is more than 100,000 stubs lotus flower in the park of Mo Chou Hu, three little Chen Zi Yis in the south lake are unbearable surprised shout, carry drawing board of she intends to use the lovely view that the paintbrush settles the space”fish drama lotus leaf”.who are you missing

“This is the familiar deep red tunic, this stub calls’lead the way sheep’, open a white flower, more seldom seen.”Ping2 Pang introduces the category of lotus flower one by one and also teaches everyone the discriminator different lotus leaf:”The lotus flower grows one leaf, call money leaf, be like a copper size money.Stick calling of lake noodles to lie prone a leaf most below ……”lotus flower stanza nature necessary eat lotus seed, the teacher inside the park rows bateau and adopted to fresh lotus Peng from the garden pond, ” is true sweet, have already grown light flavor!”Everyone is an I am 1 grain and eat with relish.

Want to be “small half-hardy teacher”, certainly still have to control potted plant and Qian to put technical skill.The half-hardy teacher goes fetch putting of monthly rose Sui and start to explain in detail the Qian puts a technique, “want to will choose to put Sui first, choose the crest flower in that year after opening, up have 34 knots ……” little observer everybody gets to a stub to put Sui month quarter and personally puts in the flower pot and prepares to bring back a house to keep, “take root the best temperature is 20 ℃ to 25 ℃ , usually water, can not put to just suddenly and violently bask under the sun!”The half-hardy teacher gives repeated advice to a way.First

Accept a television NTU reporter interview, Li Xin of the road primary school cent school in Yangtze River reaches to mean, “the weather although heat, I don’t think to be foolish in the air condition building, the small observer activity harvests not only experience a rare lotus flower species, but also can learn to much knowledge very greatly!”