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before the piece

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

The autumn reduces the heat a flower to become real expert four behind matter is before the piece
The air temperature descends after the autumn, the northern air temperature descends very quickly, the minimum temperature declines to 6 ℃ or so, should the basin that the courtyard, flower terrace and window sill, and veranda…etc.igneous rockput to put in the open the flower becomes real expert in time and fear otherwise cold fear the flowers and trees of jelly will drive frostbite or starve with cold.The basin flower becomes real expert an ex- work to mainly have:

Cut a goes into the flowers and trees that the winter gets into dormancy like month quarter, jasmine, hand mulberry, the wood, stone mesoplasm such as chrysanthemum and pomegranate…etc. slightly top efflorescence of flowers and trees, should carry on “facial plastic surgery” before becoming real expert, shear deadwood and Tu of aged and weak disease grow an impacted, the beneficial air circulates and urge it sprouts a new and reduces nourishment depletion, for betterly and more the winter lay good foundation.

Expand basin and increase soil and go into a winter into the flowers and trees of livinging the long term red such as one article, gentleman orchid,Functional departmentses fairy guest come with cuckoo etc., have already spent dormancy, start getting into grow peak season, should expand basin and increase soil and add appropriately before becoming real expert fatty, spend and expect to provide ample nourishment before or after for Chinese New Year.

Prevent and cure the insect of disease some flowers and treeses, after the heat burn in summer, the autumn suffers the insect bane of diseases, such as aphid, red spider and small white E…etc. again and wants to thoroughly carry on a prevention and cure before becoming real expert, in no case can take pest into the indoor.

Improve winter in the north of the environment,production process the indoor keeps a flower to contain worse condition, before becoming real expert, can according to flowers and trees temperament characteristics, to the flowers and trees that gets into dormancy and grows peak season and Yun Lei bloom, respectively to the temperature and only shine on according to them and well ventilated etc. contains different need, can try a creation to adapt to “stingy wait” that the different flowers and trees grows indoors.The region in Harbin, have of pack heat preservation veranda( warm air), the indoor temperature can reach to above 5 ℃ , dormancy flowers and trees can as usual more winter.Have well to make use of a window sill and fall to the ground doors and windows to put up stand for flowerpots, and thin film Peng…etc., make the flowers and trees constructed 1 to grow environment goodly, is all good measure.

Family farming turtle

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Family farming turtle carry the small method of bamboo on family farming turtle’s back

Turtle carry bamboo on turtle’s back is a sky south star section livings an often green rattan for several years originally and hangs on the aerial root line-like in shape bottom of caulis, the leaf Ge quality livings with each other, heart form, read aloudthe caulis stanza is greatly like bamboo, the feather-like in shape abruption contains bore, the turtle carries on the back but get.

Produced American tropical zone rain forest at first in, sex pleased warmth, moist, pleased fatty, ability Yin, hated sunlight to keep shooting, not resistant to cold.

Can put to cover up a caulis to breed with the Qian,love didn’t hurtApril throws away aerial root and leaf to May and shear a caulis 2 the sections are 1, inclined put or cover up into sand, keep degree of humidity and hide Yin, can take root a long leaf for a month, plant into flower pot in.

The indoor that needs in above 10 ℃ in winter more winter,eyes inside also should put half Yin.Spray water once sooner or later every day.

bloom autumn October

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Gold the laurel blossom why not bloom autumn October
The laurel blossom is 1 kind to gather green turn, beautify, the joss-stick is turned to whole body and appreciate and use and have of the good park tree grow, it is also the often green fragrant plant of Chinese tradition in the meantime and extensively plant in a lot of regions.Some head of families plant a laurel blossom tree for more than 10 years already even longer time, why haven’t bloomed till now?In the aspects of protecting attention what problem?the production

If there are three main reason resulting in laurel blossom, the efflorescence is not:

One is a laurel blossom to still be placed in a nourishment growth stage.If the laurel blossom tree planting fastens to actually living seedling(the seed sows seeds) to cultivate but become, probably the president of association period be also placed in a nourishment production stage and come short of physiology age, consequently it can’t bloom.So, suggest to purchase those use to marry to connect or the Qian put a method to cultivate of laurel blossoms tree, can shorten a nourishment growth period so, as far as possible bloom a period in advance.welding machines

Two is only shine on quantity shortage.The laurel blossom tree is a pleased light tree to grow, therefore the place that don’t can be being in need of sunlight or carry on the back Yin noodles plants;Even if marry to connect or laurel blossom of Qian put and become tree, if plant to can not get ample sunlight irradiation over a long period of time behind, make the nourishment grown to postpone again and again, will also influence its efflorescence;If is actually living the laurel blossom tree that the seedling cultivates, more difficult have an efflorescent opportunity.If the laurel blossom tree has been already bloomed before buying, will also make to grow a growth to converse to grow for nourishment and makes the plant oncing bloomed originally stopped efflorescence.

Three is that the Lin potassium fatty amount of isn’t enough.If pure or excessively Shi Yong’s nitrogen fertilizer, can make the nourishment of laurel blossom tree once grown prosperous, will postpone to bloom time;Shi Yong Lin’s potassium is fatty, can make it grow to expect to turn from the nourishment to grow a period, make it bloom.So, to the just- planted laurel blossom tree, in addition to appropriate Shi Yong’s nitrogen fertilizer, are some compound fertilizers that imply nitrogen Lin potassium in response to manies, be get into to grow a stage in response to many some Lin potassiums are fatty.In the meantime, also want to notice plant diseases and insect pests etc. everyday a tube to protect a work.

If carry on protecting according to the above-mentioned aspect, the laurel blossom tree will definitely open heavily to spend a full treeobvious superiority

profession become lately popular

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

New Zealand horticulture work the talented person run short horticulture to learn over a long period of time profession become lately popular
The scenery beautifully and New Zealand loads not a few students study abroad of crave for, recently, New Zealand educate an alliance to understand, because of New Zealand run short a half-hardy staff member over a long period of time, New Zealand the immigration office is in the aspects of working visa, emigrant evaluating and all make to a little bit greatly adjust to study a half-hardy course by drawing on the oversea student abroad, with this talented person who alleviates New Zealand missing, and horticulture learn profession also become this year New Zealand the student abroad register of a little bit hot.

The half-hardy specialist is missing

According to New Zealand study abroad a net expert understanding is one of the most important half-hardy big countries in the world, New Zealand about 6,000,000,000 New Zealand the half-hardy industry of dollar production value is in the quality, innovation with efficiently etc., have been being placed in the most advanced level in world, possess very high international reputation.But these comprehensions, understanding and fulfillment that the outstanding result is received benefit to New Zealand half-hardy industry to synthesize an overall development to the natural resources, science technique and business operation etc. in practicing teaching, research and production.Toshiba lighting In recent years, Be New Zealand traditional pillar industry, the half-hardy industry development is quick and have already become one of the New Zealand the most important outside Mao export type industries.

And face huge industry, the half-hardy industry also faces severity of short-handed.New Zealand educate a net expert introduction, the half-hardy industry is one of the New Zealand biggest employers, the whole profession employed more than 44000 people, but still faced severity of short-handed.At New Zealand in the missing profession list of immigration office announcement, the horticulture runs short profession over a long period of time, half-hardy specialist missing number is 2.7 myriad peoples.

Easily work after graduating

New Zealand educate a net the expert introduce, the half-hardy course design includes a few aspects, the horticulture produces, the seedling wood cultivates, half-hardy design, maintenance and management, business management.Theories and fulfillment combine together, some parents and student abroad learns professional existence to comprehend to the horticulture up of mistake area,Thousand LED lights start think that the learning center skill is to do “flower agriculture”, in fact and otherwise.

The horticulture learns to isn’t only a “technique” but also a “art”.See from the technique angle, currently international top horticulture development trend mainly performance improve and breed selectively in the species, the living creature technique particularly is a molecular biology to protect fresh technique and half-hardy product fine to process with medicine and use a health care etc. in the half-hardy application, half-hardy product.See from the angle of art, being engaged in the horticulture work is also the occupation that has romantic wit and humour-the half-hardy teacher is beautified a city with the green tree, fresh flowers and also beautify own life in the meantime.

And after half-hardy studies ends, graduate student’s working the category is also a lot of and include the management of cultivating of horticulture management, sale, domestic and international market development, fresh flowers, fruit etc..Once controling this profession, the graduate student can become the manager of business enterprise as well as become horticulture to own, oneself conducts, and employ more half-hardy technicians.

The emigrant enjoys to additionally add a cent

The expert who learns profession to be subjected to hotly to hold, New Zealand educate a net to the horticulture said that the horticulture learns a course for the student abroad is a can not much get of course, since can satisfy talented person’s market demands, and then can satisfy a land settlement policy request, course graduation behind can acquire a work visa to stay at New Zealand work, after working can directly apply for New Zealand emigrant, acquire New Zealand permanent residents’ identity.

New Zealand the government once declared that the horticulture was New Zealanda government to New Zealand particularly support of profession,Local LED illuminates for this professional graduate student application technical ability the emigrant carried on to additionally add a cent.

Japanese courtyard

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

The garden design creates a Japanese courtyard
The Japanese courtyard of east is deeply imitated by Chan and Chinese park natural spirit influence, the spirit system of the integrity of gradual formation , in the courtyard from plant to mountain stone, pebbles, all represent different meaning.As the place of family leisure, we program the time of oneself courtyard, need not tie down by strict design norm and draw to take the basic chemical element that you like from the Japanese courtyard, matching each other may be make the courtyard matched oneself more to appreciate beauty and life style of good way.White LED carry light

Important point 1 strengthen private to round and quiet Mi space

This is a courtyard is a typical square south to the small courtyard, the area connects with each other in the 230 much even rices, the north of courtyard and residence.The Japanese type, courtyard pays attention to construct quite atmosphere very much, and the host intend to design hot springs soup pond in the courtyard, so the home garden emphasized to do the design that strengthens private.

Build a view chemical element:Fencegeneral use LED drives

On all sides bamboo wood system high palisades in the courtyard since was full of simple eastern pleasant impression, and then promised to promote the private in the garden.Process this kind of palisades to generally use bamboo pole and cedar as lords in the domestic, there is aluminum metal alloy in Japanese region the bamboo wall of the material, the external appearance is similar to the bamboo, but provided to enough bear to wait sex, domestic fresh rare sale.

Build a view chemical element:PlantLED in much

The seamy side in bamboo wooden fence column, increases 1 F bushy plant, promised a private degree on the other hand and further, also softened courtyard space on the other hand, weakened boundary in the garden, there is the function to enlarge a small courtyard visual effect, make the floret park looked softer and spacious.

Build a view chemical element:Park doorLED who is applicable
The front door design of garden doesn’t have mental strategy, the traditional style of wood tile in the wood door makes the person feel to keep in mind old and simple eastern qualities outside the door.Park door to hospital inside back the design of going into one meter space, let the person feel the profound feeling in the courtyard, also provided to plant space more amplely for position in the doorway, enriched noodles layer in the signing of garden.The park door matches with on all sides bamboo palisades, separates certain view and increased wit and humour in the appreciating beauty of garden more.

Plant a plant

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Plant a plant to provide the better nourishment choice the reading for us
Plant’s planting is all big modern parts of persons is of the object of fancy, certainly plant a plant is also have a lot of pay attention to, for the soil, humidity, only shine on, the nourishments all want to consider of, underneath we came right away to say the peat lies the problem of quality!Believe the friend whom everyone likes to keep a flower should is all not that unfamiliar for Wei especially peat, after Wei especially peat family pack drive more person’s fancy and usage.Wei especially the family pack peat, in imply special nourishment composition, being a common peat can not compare to of,Relocation Company and it still is opposite according to the different plant should of peat.Underneath I ascend a few pictures can be clearer of as to it’s carry on understanding!

Product brief introduction:

Wei especially the Baltic hydrophyte appropriation lie quality to imply high-quality quality of Fu Zhi, silica sand to alleviate blunt potter’s clay.Nourishment composition and pH that lie to have in the quality suit garden pond or damp ecoenvironment very much under of hydrophyte growth, can provide enough nutrient for plant in this kind of environment.

Operation method

The hydrophyte is planted garden pond in of in the plant container, the plant container places of the depth should meet a vegetative demand.Before garden pond retains water, need at lie on the above of the quality to spread 1 F sand.After planting, infuse garden pond full water, International Movinginsert plant container later on.

Wei especially Baltic month quarter appropriation’s lying quality is a kind of constitute to°from the moss peat and the potter’s clay mineral additive of open bag to namely lie quality with the type, the growth of potter’s clay and the quality of Fu Zhi to month quarter contained by product is very beneficial, can promote its root quickly growth, form a strong root to fasten

Operation method:

This article can be used for plant a box and plant a bowl and plant bed etc. in the middle of the container month quarter of plant and cultivate.If used for planting a bed, can press 1:One comparison with plant cave soil to carry on mixing to mix, compress tightly later on, water;The autumn after cutting the plant should gather this article heap in the plant surroundings.

Spend soil to include with meticulous care design of, pure organic composition.The rice hull, coconut fiber and bark provide a crevice rate.Mix the white peat of high quality

Wanting to understand more friends or having the friend of interest can 100 degree’Hong more festoon teacher’get into its related Tao treasure net store, Mover Companycarry on fuller understanding especially to the Wei!