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farming method of spider ivy

Friday, October 28th, 2011

The farming method of spider ivy is very simple and below introduce the farming method of spider ivy as follows:The spider ivy basin soil leads wet, because of spider ivy is meat quality root, need to keep soil moist then just while educating, can not lead wet or accumulate water.If the soil is too sticky heavy, the transparence becomes bad, or water excessive etc. reason, make the parts of spider ivy root fastenned putrefied, make the root fastenned the ability of absorbing the humidity to descend, so the spider ivy apex of leaf lose water to carry to deliver black.Can take out a spider ivy to shear to go to a putrefied root and fasten from the basin, re- plant.The family basin keeps a spider ivy, under the general condition, often easily appear apex of leaf withered,shutter glasses leaf’s slice lose sheen gradually etc. phenomenon, in order to protect to manage a good spider ivy, need to adopt the following measure.

Change soil to change a basin to hang a spider ivy on the management, in order to beg a caulis the leaf to is exuberant, in every year of should change soil and change basin once in March.If the basin is deeper, the radicle is fatty to compare foot, can change basin for two years once.While turning over basin, the plant is from the basin Ke, shear withered Fu root and the root of surplus fasten and make change new rich contain the development of the quality of Fu Zhi of soil, again give the animal hoof Cape slice or the Fu familiar round flat cake fatty make a radicle fatty.Plant well after,spirit strong put the half Yin warm place slow seedling.The spider ivy most suitable growth temperature is or so for 25 ℃ .Need plant instauration the haleness hang flower pot at the eaves of veranda next or indoor appropriate position after growing.General height with don’t meet for proper, the farming method of spider ivy wants to notice airiness.

Spider ivy drive people benignly the fame is “decontamination machine” in the living quarters and become the person’s close friend.The scientist discovers that spider ivy to the carbon monoxide that the stove, coal gas, paint and smoking of family produces, leads to oxidize nitrogen and other to the human body harmful volatility air, have the strongest absorption and decontamination function, can nicely pollution air in clearance the indoor also let out oxygen.And the function of spider ivy is in the flower call most.Therefore, if put previous 12 spider ivy indoors, within 24 hours its ability “eat up” all of the harmful airs of the indoor.Not only such, carbon monoxide etc. the air is in the basin after the decomposition of spider ivy root, on the contrary will change into the decomposition of spider ivy root as well as change into the nutrition needed for growing spider ivy, urge its branches and leaves bushiness.glasses priceIt may be said”the person spends two to be subjected to a benefit”.It is thus clear that in the middle of purifying indoor air, the spider ivy performs feats and becomes the person’s close friend well-deserved!Is the arriving a fresh flowers store to buy a spider ivy to send a good gift for others!

Jiangsu moves

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Half-hardy exposition in seventh the province of Jiangsu moves to end in the night
On October 26, half-hardy exposition in seventh the province of Jiangsu move to end in the night.Vice- provincial governor He Quan attends closing ceremony to also talk.

He Quan says in the middle of talking, current park Bo will be save an economic social development into a new stage and orchestrate city country at me the construction open lately a situation bottom of advertising for the distance to hold of a grand occasion.wrinkly emergency maskThe park Bo will actively draw to take to a preparing to host of experience and domestic and international of successful way of doing, emphasize do meeting way of thinking in the innovation, excellent turn an exhibition park of design, made use of advanced technique, and abundant exhibition form…etc. to carry on a series beneficial investigate.The Bo that read extensively park construction to carry out to build a park style adopts many long and letting a hundred flowers blossoming of view special feature, the park matter spends a matter etc. the special subject exhibit the activity constellated to gather the exquisite article dint that appreciates sex, art and model sex in the integral whole to make.

Invite international local and friendly city and park business enterprise to join the exhibition for the very first time in the meantime,lips cheek emergency the whole level carries out to a little bit greatly promote, the region special feature gets to well show.Demonstration communicates to obtain a plenteous result, visitor’s amount sets all previous sessions it most, to development tradition build a park art.Spread modern park culture, development and ecosystem civilization construction promote park green to turn business, carry out person and natural harmonious symbiosis.There is emollient push function.

Current park Bo successful way of doing and experience of the meeting.Everywhere each department concerned want to hard tally up, make the most of, aggressive expand.Also combine organization to carry out fine city country construction activity, continuously promote I save park green turn a business development of level, for create ecosystem proper reside, the beautiful comfortable person reside environment, for constuct tomorrow of Jiangsu more fine to make to lately contribute.

Be agreed by provincial government,business enterprises half-hardy exposition in eighth the province of Jiangsu will hold in river City in the town in 2013.

Happy comparison

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

This afternoon, home visitor.

Is the Sir’s classmate, a three people from the United States came back the classmate of keeping up with the sea to gather once, they heard that we lived a house that took a floret park in the suburban area and specially wanted our house to visit.

Both the husband and wife floret to us park applauds very much, “good, good” of a strength’s saying, their 4-year-old daughter likes Salsa very much and also like with small have fun, needs carefuljust can’t speak Chinese, two happy poles that kid has fun with puppy in the yard.

We the inside of a few adults at garden drink tea side chat, they say that envy our garden very much of interesting and novel, start to talk about that the their house in the United States, their houses and garden cover 6 acres of, the scenery is very beautiful, the view is very spacious, but, because they all go to work and have no time to deal with a garden, that super big turf-grass has already made his wife don’t already have a headache, only clearance weed and fix turf-grass to expend not a few energies, because in the United States, the artificial is very expensive, water rate also cost a lot, water flowers to use of water with life with water charge return different, they loathe to give up invite a person to deal with turf-grass to loathe to give up more to water flowers with tap water, they see we can use well water to water flowers to don’t already envy more.

Tell the truth, just started hearing they own a so big garden, I was two eyes to give out light, but listenned to their introduction, I suddenly felt, probably, the big garden of luxury’s lookinging at is very good, but if doesn’t so deal with for several times, if the nursing expenses but affliction that still wants for the garden, probably, my garden lives to sooner enjoy some?At least currently, I every day at enjoy a garden for time, which afraid is a garden labor, is all kind of happy labor.

As supper is ordering vegetables, , I just know this male classmate of his, two years ago, the large intestine was cut off and digested function to be subjected to very great influence, very all not edible to foods, seat we talked to have the topic  ” happiness”,firses weather American classmate says, “our 2 should belong to is more happy family”, that classmate quoted from a words of some article, I felt quite right.He says”happy is what?How to measure?Is a person wants to carry out, can carry out with him of, and already realization of three, weigh to match or big part heavy match, that should be happiness”.

He says that because this big disease, he understood family and health be life medium the most important!Ever isn’t so to me?

Dinner like this and these talk, pretty many to the Sir’s touch, I feel of great value!

This is really a party of a brief but meaningful friend!

If the”the friend is a living flower within garden” that the brand up says

There is no fresh flowers, just this turnip that is green, will also make me feel natural magic power.

This summer yard after reforming

The water view that the old stone mortal makes into

Reform the panorama of ex- water view.

The yard after reforming is another corner and roast recreational area,

Our right here drinks tea chat and owns 6 acres of Mrs.line ticket quota friends of super big gardens to take camera and with relish claps our mini floret parks!

If the friends likes, I am very happy to open a my garden invitation card here and communicate together with everyone flower and grass insight

5 flower centers

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Beautifying one station in the veranda half-hardy center to fix will reconstruct 5 flower centers
Dress up veranda, beautify a courtyard, as long as you arrive half-hardy center to turn, from the seed, spend fatty arrive various tools, can fix.Yesterday(on the 24th), this city another flower half-hardy center at sea Dian the area is completed, can provide “one-stop” horticulture to serve for citizen.

Come to say to citizen in Peking, buy a flower and wait on lane flower and grass have already gradually become a kind of living habit.The data suggests that in 2010, spreading all over the flower market of whole citieses has already had 34, the flower retails a store 1500, the flower of the whole citieses consumption the total amount attain 10,000,000,000 dollars.Peking has already become one of the three greatest flowers consumption center in whole countries.

Common of the flower retail store the tube sell a flower, and majority of scales aren’t big.”A lot of citizen have DIY to beautify veranda now, wishes beautify a courtyard, these floret stores obviously can not satisfy.”The city park is green the introduction for turning a relevant representative director of bureau, in the new flower half-hardy center, the citizen can not only buy a green daily life at home, courtyard to turn each kind of product of beautification, but also enjoy a technique to consult, design, start construction, protect etc. service.

The completed half-hardy center located at yesterday at free opened to the citizen of park-long the spring workout is inside the park and covered about 400 square meters.Establish sofa chair inside the half-hardy center, the citizen stroll park to stroll tired, can come in to stay for a while at any time, can browse half-hardy book in the meantime.Inside the half-hardy center, also establish how many an open type shelf, seed, multifarious garden tools and potted plant container of cleverly made potted plant, familiar flower, can find out on the shelf.

“The long spring does exercise to keep fit much more adjacent large community in park, this half-hardy center mainly be for community those love a half-hardy family to serve.”The half-hardy center representative director introduces, the staff member here all trains after profession and can be free to provide the family horticulture the design for citizen and start construction, protect the technique of etc. consult.If the citizen don’t think that they begin, can also from appointed profession here of green turned a troops to help.”From now on, the half-hardy center will also periodically start academic chair, to citizen universal half-hardy knowledge, the plan hold 2-4 times monthly, the citizen can be free to listen to.”

The sea Dian area park is green to turn a bureau of related representative director said and set up the flower half-hardy center in the park, this is in whole citieses is still a first time.”If is popular among the common people, we will let more citizen enjoy to come home the fun of the home garden skill in the sea Dian expansion in other large parks of the area.”

According to understanding, the flower half-hardy center is the business of this city flower half-hardy realm newness to sell mode.This front in 2009, this city head flower half-hardy center at plentiful set grass the bridge is completed, because the shopping environment is tranquil and enjoyable and can provide “one-stop” horticulture service, but is popular among the large citizen.Currently, rise in the east country eight suburb parks in the sea Dian, another large and half-hardy center just in the construction, anticipate at the end of the year devotion to try luck camp.

The coming 5 years, this city will adopt the form of “the people transacts to help” to reconstruct 10 flower brands half-hardy center and satisfy the citizen’s need to the family horticulture.

half-hardy expositions

Monday, October 24th, 2011

2011 half-hardy expositions in world in Xian fascinatingly thank an act on October 22
China green Times October is 24(reporter:Late truly) the nature and man Chang-an cast into harmonious dream, the creativity opens naturally green future.On the night of October 22, last for 178 days of 2011 half-hardy expositions in world in Xian formally fall in a purdah.

The province Wei secretary joy in Shaanxi is between declaring to end.World half-hardy manufacturer association chairman Du gram ·method Bo,dvb t tunersShaanxi province provincial governor, Xian a life time park will set Wei will chairman be always addressing respectively.

Du gram ·method Bo to a life time park in Xian will embody “nature and man Chang-an · creativity nature” topic do of effort mean affirmation, will mean applause for the huge variety that Xian brings to a life time park in Xian.He thinks that this is an ability nature of the love sprinkle to infuse in you me of heart, successful life time park with profound meaning meeting, this successfully belongs to us and our descendant posterity.

Held to solemn and impressively make awards a rites on the closing ceremony, the sponsor gave 2011 half-hardy exposition international half-hardy association big prize of manufacturer in world in Xians in exhibition park in Shanghai and gave the park in the man and became all 2011 half-hardy expositions in world in Xian in the park etc. especially prize, give Shaanxi province, Xian City excellent organization prize and outstanding contribution prize respectively.A life time park in Xian will set Wei along with distributed a special instruction prize to half-hardy manufacturer’s association in the world.

On the closing ceremony, allowing the Lu Yu and Yi can calm down, nursery garden etc. the star read out 《half-hardy exposition declaration in world in Xian 》, representative’s sponsoring square and meeting set Wei in a life time park will initiate together:Simple but not extravagant, the low carbon takes leave Gao Hao;Regression nature, not the matter vulture decorate and make the green lived into in pursuit of vogue and make the flower glitter of ecosystem civilization bloomed and always make”city and natural harmonious symbiosis” halted future!

End a performance will widely carry the side of pond in a life time park of the comfortable flower petal satge presents to public, take”the nature and man is Chang-an” as topic and is divided into 3″wide luck legend”, “ten thousand flowers come to instrument” and”bloom future” parts.”Wide luck legend” makes a show of for a prosperous Tang’s thous all the condition of thousand year ago blooming flowerses;”Ten thousand flowers come to instrument”dvb t receivers wakes the dream that nature and mankind’s nature and man unite as one ups;”Bloom future”‘s explaining a life time park will leave the content of the city of an ecosystem for Xian.

According to understanding, is exactly the successful luck camp and green principle that is received benefit to meeting in a life time park, a life time park in Xian will acquire United Nations”global best and green creativity prize” on September 12 this year, a life time park in Xian will the location-Xian 浐 Ba ecosystem area has the honor of acquiring United Nations”the best green in the global city changes a classic case prize”, Xian City has the honor of acquiring United Nations”the global city green develops an outstanding contribution prize”.The 25th IPMA global item that just ended in the Australia managed a general assembly up, “2011 half-hardy expositions in world in Xian raised to set up item” got IPMA the large item international item managed international big prize especially.

A life time park in Xian wills is held by the international half-hardy manufacturer association approval, is sponsored together by people government in province in the national forestry bureau, Chinese flower association and Shaanxi etc. unit.A life time park will April 28 open a park and totally establish 109 outdoor exhibition parks and there are 52 nations joining the exhibition with the region, 3 international organizations, 58 local cities and Qi business unit and displayed each special feature this year, abundant colorful of half-hardy, green vogue chemical elements such as science and technology and cultural etc., successfully held city and the living creature diverse sex international exchanges activities, such as international forum, international half-hardy association annual convention of manufacturer and global green high peak forum in the city…etc..A life time park in Xian will circulate a period,cable supplier totally receive 1572 of visitor outside the world and pull to move economy in Xian to increase 1.5 percentage points.

benevolence commander

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Big self-ridicule Fan half-hardy ability the very bad magic dedicate already investigatedthe benevolence commander-in-chief rake soil along while

Fan Gan Di holds to nail rake stem to live again knock to ring

October 22 Peking time news, according to 《the Ao orchid is many sentinel reports 》report way, some commander-in-chiefs of NBA ball teams complacent mental state is very heavy, but magic of the Si Tan-Fan Gan Di be not so,links a television particularly while speaking of to make half-hardy ability, big open heart Fan by himself/herself almost at 1:00 can’t.

Friday morning local time, the magic brigade leads down an Ao orchid at Fan Gan Di many ones recuperates center, the whole brigadeses take a morning’s time to the sorting that the courtyard carries on and clean up, water, loose soil, cut a garden, busy get hot fire dynasty sky.

Fan Gan Di wasn’t divided what heavy or technique content Gao of live son, he also the self-ridicule say:”Basically, while dividing a task,needs to be raised they looking at me will think’this guy does to order what just can’t make to hit’, hence I have been aming using the rake son rake soil.I need to make the diagram to fix place, then the rest of their catcher come of procedure, clean up and plant some things.Anyway they don’t want to make me participate in these, because I will make to hit ……”

constuct western

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Medium the lotus flower half-hardy industry recommend an activity to hold cool mountain to work hard for to constuct western the flowers is all
News net in Sichuan becomes all October 20 days Xun(reporter remaining Nuo) on the afternoon of October 20, cool mountain Yi clan autonomy state and Holland at become all the Jiao son conventional center held the medium lotus flower half-hardy industry to recommend an activity.Holland expressed and the Mainland current cooperation intention realm,manage finance the cool mountain state works hard for to hold tight opportunity and becomes cool mountain construction”flower country holy land, western flowers all” in China.

Holland is the biggest flower product supply country and trade country in the world.The fresh cut flowers, bulbous that exports annually and appreciate a vegetative total to reach in above USD 6,000,000,000, the half-hardy industry takes up 42% of the native agriculture production value.The fresh flowers, cut flowers and bulbous root in Holland flower and appreciate a plant to be known for world, and at flower industry research, teach a kind and plant, manage, sell, process etc. be always placed in world to lead level.According to know, the Holland flower export shares above 70% of flower export in the world.

Holland means that current cooperate with the Mainland of intention realm for help Holland to spend a lotus member development production type export, provide to lead to European market path for Chinese entrepreneur;May facilitate the cooperation of three aspects in the purchase agreement(Kenya rose, Holland tulip), trade system and trade center.

The reform opens for 30 years, cool mountain flower production from don’t have, since the childhood, from weak arrive strong.Close 2010 whole state the flower plant area to already arrive 16,000 acres of, the production value is 159,000,000 dollars.Among them:Appreciating flower is 7,000 acres of, industry and medicine are used flower 5,000 acres of, the seed grows seedling and green the wood turning seedling is 4,000 acres, various glasshouse big Peng is 100 many ten thousand square meters.The year produces with the carnation, gladiolus and crane hopes orchid,benefit how muchrose is main fresh cut flowers is 100,000,000, with red Zhang, pineapple and big flower Hui orchid, longevity flower for lord of the basin spend 4,000,000 and take carnation, colorful horse’s hoofs lotus as lord of grow seedling(ball)30,000,000 stubs, take white poplar as lord of appreciate seedling wood 1,000,000 stubs, basic formed to grow seedling and grow ball, cut flowers and basin of flower, green turn seedling wood and industrial flower is six greatest systems, become cool ecosystem mountain newly arisen of green pillar, multicolored industry.

Cool mountain state the Wei and state government holds tight to need the history opportunity that the extension and flower industry in the world transfers toward the developing country day by day inside the current flower and puts forward the strategic target of “with flower industry garden for carry a body, with the perfect industry prop up system and enhance to outward open a cooperation for two wings, quickly push forward the flower industry cross over type development, make the cool mountain flower planted area to attain till 201550,000 acres of, the production value is 1,000,000,000 dollars, the flower plants area to attain in 2020100,000 acres of, production value 2,000,000,000 dollars”mortgage manages and work hard for to create quiet and peaceful river valley into the biggest upscale basin peanut in the west of China to produce excellent flower seedling of base, upscale fresh cut flowers with biggest Sichuan and a wood Be heavy to teach base and the southwest important flowers and trees to trade a market, constucts cool mountain into”flower country holy land, western flowers all” in China.

palace of reading extensively

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Be located on the main Thai palace of reading extensively the park center

In order to celebrate in 2011 84 birthdays of Thai king, queen’s 80 birthdays and crown princes are 60 birthdays in 2012, Thai government will on November 9, 2011 to hold international half-hardy exposition in northern tour divine spot, Europe takes chargeChiang Mai City on February 15, 2012.This that time every 5 years after, Chiang Mai holds this kind of grand occasion once again.In 99 days of session, this vegetable well known as city, will re- bloom charming fragrance of flower.The exposition opens an eve, the this report reporter walks into a garden and advances a to see its Fang to permit.

The exposition will be reigned to this time the Na bad Pu Lei Royal garden of suburb area in Chiang Mai holds, therefore, the exposition entitles “2011 Royal Nas bad Pu Lei goddess of flowers stanza”.In order to celebrate 80 birthdays of Thai king, Struggle just2006 once held a nations top-class half-hardy exposition in the same location.Currently, the cover about 80 hectares of read extensively a park under way to design, construct, decorate afresh and cloth exhibition.The reporter sees, Be located on the main Thai palace of reading extensively center position in the park also under construction in the strain open to be unveiled to the all new visitor on that day by expecting on November 9.

Sponsor a direction, reporter introduces to say,That autumnthe international half-hardy manufacturer association is 2| A B1s for this settling of exposition class, although low in 2006 that exposition, this time in exhibitting scale win more formely, totally have 30 nations to join the exhibition with the region, compare in 2006 that exposition to increase 6.After 2006 should invite after joining the exhibition, China will continue the exposition of taking part in this year.The 2006 the middle of the years country government constructs of have “Chinese Tang’s park” reduce an age again of Chiang-Nan park style, is a permanent sex building in the park and important view.

The period of the exposition, will hold various Royal items exhibition, celebrate 80 birthdays and crown princes of 84 birthdays, queens of king 60 birthdays.In the meantime, the movable period will hold international garden exhibition, the horticulture contest, half-hardy technique exhibition and art cultural exhibition to play, the merchandise exhibition sell, alleviate constipationand related academic meeting.Among them, international exhibition area in the garden the demonstration well-known flower from all countries, park art, and and it related culture, art and building style.More than 2,500,000 stubs, more than 2500 specieses plants will contend for strange Dou on the exposition gorgeous.

Act in cooperation a global environmental protection wave tide, exposition with”green turn:Decelerate in the world to become warm, rescue the Earth and raise life quality”is topic, emphasize 3 Gs and 3 R spirit.So-called 3 Gs, namely Generation(generation), Garden(garden) and Greenitude;(green turn)3 Rs then Reuse(again make use of), Reduce(reduce a row) and Recycle.(circularly make use of)Sponsor a square to hope through this activity, initiate the surfeit of lowering the energy to consume and circulate to make use of a resources, train child and youth to the permafrost passion and protection consciousness, make the Earth kept off a green house effect.In the meantime, the exposition specially spends, chemical elements such as breeze, energy and water and sunlight etc., design 5 mascots, symbolize the permafrost important resources.

Sponsor a square to expect, this time exposition comes more than 2,000,000 visitors visit, on the average every day above 20,000 people.cross-straits peaceAdmission ticket already from this year July 7 since start accepting to reserve, divide a single time enter, enter for many times, and party ticket, visitor by November 8 booked a ticket can enjoy 5 fold special discount

chicken eggshell

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Keep orchid Qiao to use chicken eggshell
The egg hull implies nutrient, indeed be a kind of fatty source of arethusa.Someone fresh egg the hull pours to button up to make fertilizer on the orchid basin, also someone”after kneading the fresh egg hull ground, just the right amount go together with to go into to plant to anticipate in, directly last”, think so beneficial to the growth of arethusa.In fact and otherwise, writer my humble opinion, to egg hull of this kind of livings to use, not only can not be regarded as “the Qiao is used”,LED front-panel but wrong use.Why see it?And listen to my way.

Livinging the egg hull is a fertilizer, is 1 kind to living fatty.Livinging to remain some eggs inside the egg hull is pure, the egg is pure medium imply a kind of glue a liquid egg white.Living the egg hull is poured to button up orchid basin top or knead ground after directly last,LED the actuator publish remain inside the eggshell of the egg is pure to ferment in the orchid basin will burn an orchid root and also easily induct a plant diseases and insect pests after the output calories.The egg is also pure to ferment the output bad smell in the process to pollute environment.In order to make to living egg hull to become to°from”livinging is fatty” “familiar fatty”,selecteddon’t need to appearing the above-mentioned irregularity, can be carried on as follows to process a creation towards livinging egg hull:

①Living the egg hull is placed to stove beside remaining of eggshell of the egg is pure to roast dry, then kneads ground or process into “eggshell powder” Shi Ru Lan basin in;
②Knead the egg hull ground, pour with the boiled water, soak to ferment for few days, take it soaks a liquid to sprinkle to infuse an arethusa.Egg hull after processing, recommendation then a kind of contain Lin to enrich of familiar fatty.Using it as a making track for of arethusa is fatty, can make arethusa blossom gorgeous and spend period extension.

flower how sow seeds

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

The home keeps a flower how sow seeds
Sow seeds 1.If use the plastics box, wood box etc. container that the bottom has no bore to sow seeds, the first essentials opens a few drains in its bottom.

2.Use a plastics window the yarn hold up a bore and put into sow seeds soil or develop soil(for example:The sand, vermiculite and pearl rock,supplement classpeat and park soil etc.).

3.The mud used more even plank son the surface planes away and makes to sow seeds easily.

4.Fall sparse seed to a little bit evenly sow bottom(the seed of big grain can be sown with a grain per grain, winning the seed of grain can by hand the Sa sow, the small seed can press the seed:Sand=1:5~10 comparison mixtures are even behind the Sa sow).

5 on the seed Sa up thin 1 F soil.By hand point to lightly press the seed surface, the seed will stick with soil tightly, even if water, the seed can’t is washed away, either.

6.Slightly sprinkle enough water,equipment recommendation if the seed is too small, had better put dibble box in water basin to make water slowly permeated mud surface.Put in the airiness to well carry on the back Yin, until sproutlace.

7.Move Yue to shine on a good place after sproutlacing, the mud surface did, sprinkle enough water.

8.Wait the plant long a few leafs, spend seedling to grow good of time, move to grow a Su section basin to wait container.Growing could settle to plant so and greatly,enhancement power transplant the flower pot or the flower terrace to go.