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Five kinds of flowers

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Five kinds of flowers don’t want to buy while buying a flower
Just the last flower bought a flower if saw is a new soil inside the basin, stem upwards a pull move, that this flower affirmation was last to just soon haven’t grown a new root.The flower like this after buying the time loses plant very easily.

2 or manies match to plant of spend this kind of flower after buying the time grow the branches and leaves of will become thin and become gradually Huang, people swims Hong Kongthe flower more opens more small.The reason lies in malnutrition, and the root in the basin the beard is excessive and easily harden.Certainly, exclusively combine potted plant is not in this row.

There are flower some individual mongers that the root has no caulis leaf climbing mountain to dig to take wild rattan, miscellaneous root to pretend to be flowers and trees to sell in the autumn winter two quarters, have no a leaf because of having no caulis, Long Cheng pharmacycan hardly discriminate.

Tie~upping branches and leaves is firm with the thin wire spending of various shape this kind of flower was good-looking at that time, time a long, along with the growth of plant, the appearance will take place a change.And, plant all branches and leaveses tie~up to tie in the meantime and not only influence photo-synthesis, but also easily produce a plant diseases and insect pests.

There is the cactus that cactus of small jelly spot passes the winter on caulis or ball suffering from slight frostbite very easily, appear to freeze a spot than the grain of rice small light green color on caulis or ball, the surface sees a nothing important problem, but substantially the plant internal organization has already had big harm,strategy guideses flower like this after buying the time if don’t adopt measure, spot will more and more big, the whole stubses are finally bad to die.

applied small key

Friday, October 7th, 2011

The garlic is in the flower applied small key
Garlic, again the beard garlic is the bulb of bulb of lily section plant and imply a garlic ammonia sour, Be solved garlic in Chengkong University hot vegetable by garlic Mao water, is plant agrochemical application in producing flower, have much effect. half-mast to grieve over

Promoting is embryonic:Go to garlic the skin pound into pulp and press with cool boiled water 1:3 comparison daubery magnolia, laurel blossom, tea plum, and wax plum…etc. are embryonic, can sprout 5-7 days in advance.The daubery flower cuts to result in of shear, can prevent°from shearing thirsty withered, promote embryonic tidy.

Preventing and curing is putrefied:Purple Jing, connect to raise etc. woody flower root-stock part withered and putrefied after, suppress with the benefit knife,generations run beforedeeply reach a wood quality department, cut into the spot surrounding good skin of the disease smooth 60 degrees inclined plane, with peep out a yellow green alternate formation layer is good, use a garlic petal direct chafe, and make the garlic glued a liquid, paint once in 7-10 days, can have an antisepsis function, there is better effect in the raining season.

Prevent and cure aphid:Pound into pulp garlic, fill with water 1 mix evenly and fill with water 50 again and mix blend even, with go together with with use.Even spray a leaf the slice is at the flower back, can effectively prevent and cure flower aphid, if therein join just the right amount of soybean powder or washing powder etc. to glue, the effect is better.

The antisepsis protects fresh:Put garlic after capturing ground in soak in the clear water for 12 hours, boils together with water, cooling behind filter, LED can transplant namely garlic in Chengkong University immerses a flower period that liquid immerses flower arrangement to soak 10-20 in a liquid in 10% garlics, can prolong flower arrangement.

self-makes bone powder

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

The family keeps the method that the flower self-makes bone powder
Bone powder is whet with the animal skeleton of powder-like in shape fertilizer.Because processing a method is different,bus service the bone powder making into is divided into to living bone powder[contain nitrogen 3.7%, Lin 22%, steam to make bone powder[contain nitrogen 1.the 8% and Lin(P205) is 29%]and take off a gum bone powder[contain nitrogen 0.the 8% and Lin(P205) is 33%]3 kind.

The family keeps the method that the flower self-makes bone powder BE:The big bone, sparerib, chamber bone and etc. of the cow, sheep and pig etc.graceful banquet animal that will eat to remain, puts to soak l in the clear water~2 day, and again and again flush, wash a salt.Then put into a pressure cooker to steam to cook for 20~30 minutes, throw away fat and dry in the air, broke off, the Nian become thin powder.The family with no pressure cooker, can also wash the bone drying in the air clearly to put on the stove, use slow fire baking, grind into thin powder or small piece after baking stem.

Had better burn into bone devotion the half burnt form is inside the stove,type commerce don’t cremate, will make the fatty effect of bone powder consumedly lowered because of this.

The bone powder is a kind of good late effect the Lin is fatty, can add to make a fatty usage of radicle in the development soil, can also the Sa make to make track for a fatty usage at the basin soil surface.The orchid of Shi Yong Gu’s powder grows comeliness,International Hotel the blossom opens gorgeously.

water Pei flower

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

The choice of water Pei flower
Water plants flower because of it superior of appreciate sex and adornment but deeply be subjected to people’s favor, but purchase water to plant the material of flower should notice:

1.Choose suitable flower category.Want to choose the flower category that feat water plants first.If buy to return to the category that not proper water plants to plant to keep, not how long will drink to drop for lousy root but die gradually.The second wants to choose the anti- cold dint stronger flower category.Some flowers although very feat water plants,resist riskmore the winter needs higher temperature and passes the winter at the general family hard safety, often is easily harmed by jelly but cause death.If the anti- cold dint is stronger and slightly more defend cold then can pass the winter of have:Turtle carry bamboo on turtle’s back, purple leaf the duck Tuo grass, aloe, spider ivy, dry umbrella grass, dusty miller, the orchid of gold Su, money leopard, ocean ivy, pocketsized coconut, and palm tree bamboo…etc..

2.The choice has already adapted to water to plant a planting of condition material.Even if the flower category that feat water plants return beard after a process of orientation.Some flower plants after rising from the soil supply flower market right away, although look like growth normal, purchase have to take into discriminator.Have already adapted to water to plant has already planted to keep a period of time in the water and can adapt to water to plant a condition, And release LEDand grow normal plant material, its characteristic is that the branches and leaves spirit is outstanding and leaf’s slice full but full of sheen, root or caulis radicle the department has already grown orientation water to plant a conditional root to fasten.

3.Choice strong, have no the plant of plant diseases and insect pests.The plant like this not only is advantageous to a normal growth after planting of water, arrive of placebut also also be advantageous to embody flower should have of appreciate effect.

does academic chair

Saturday, October 1st, 2011