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courtyard water

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

How does the flowers and trees of courtyard water
Place all potted plants plant bottoms’ all wanting indoors is more slightly big than basin with one giving of bottom a mat lives, the in order to prevent seeps through a ground while watering for plant and influences indoor hygiene and pleasant impression.

The view leaf plant wants to often carry on pouring to wash to the leaf, lets it keeps to sweep and makes a show of plant true colors.疲勞到癌症The plant overwhelming majority inside the body are water, the humidity has fresh heavy above 75~90% of plant.Keep a flower to can not get away from water, this is what person totally knows.The humidity overwhelming majority that the plant needs get from the soil.But the air degree of humidity also has bigger influence to growth growth of the plant.Particularly was produced to a tropical zone at first and subtropics forest in of attaching and livinging plant and under the wood of pleased Yin plant, become higher to air degree of humidity’s requesting.

Each floriculture wood requests humidity of how much with it original the ecoenvironment of habitat, dissimilarity grow there is all direct relation in period, the then weather condition and cultivation location etc..Growing the plant anti- dry ability in the desert and dry region generally speaking is strong.The humidity consumes little, request lower air degree of humidity, need amount of water small;Produced tropical rain forest at first and subtropics Lin Qu’s flower, requested higher air degree of humidity, the anti- dry ability was bad and needed water to have great capacity.Sees from the appearance, leaf’s slice is small, the quality is hard or leaf’s form have thick periostracum or airtight living Rong of hair, explain stronger anti- dry ability, need amount of water small.There is the plant that the special hoarding humidity organizes, if much more various meat straches plant, cactus section plant more and there is the strongest anti- dry ability, the humidity needing is less.Leaf’s slice big, thin but soft plant, the humidity evaporation has great capacity, pleased higher air degree of humidity, anti- dry ability bad, 更年期need humidity much.The flower of prosperous growth period needs ample humidity;But the defoliation plant in dormancy, the opposite dormancy often green plant, then need the humidity of less.

The spring summer air temperature is high, there is strong sunlight irradiation, the breeze is big, air dry, need ample humidity to the plant;The air temperature is low in winter, the sunlight is weaker and need water less, the potted plant flower growth wants to depend to water supply humidity, so water whether accommodation, is extremely important.

The correct way of doing is deeply a soil and wants and sees the stem to see wet, is also dry and want and do and sprinkle and sprinkle deeply.Many families keeping a flower isn’t water to sprinkle little be sprinkle many, cause plant’s dying.Therefore, in good time just the right amount water is a work with stronger technique.

①The indoor environment requests:Indoor environment also under the influence of the weather and geography position, indoors adopt only and well, well ventilated spring, the general humidity evaporate a little bit quickly in summer, can in the morning every day or water once in the evening, but don’t can water in the hot sun bottom in noon in summer.If the indoor opened to make a cold air condition, then can reduce amount of water.But at dry, cold of autumn winter stanza,男性睡眠少 the indoor plant growth reduces slowly, the humidity evaporates not and greatly, when water wants to be little to sprinkle to generally sprinkle once a week, while winter the indoor open a genial breezes air condition have to increase to water number of times increment indoor degree of humidity appropriately.

②The plant temperament requests:Each plant bears the Yin pleased sun to contain all different degree and grow a period also different, therefore the humidity needed isn’t same either.When basin the color of the soil delivered white, the plant of some pleased sun pleased drought didn’t need to be watered, such as:Aloe, cactus.But some pleased Yins come from a tropical zone subtropics view leaf’s plant of rain forest weather must much water and still want to spray water to leaf’s noodles in summer, can slightly do in winter.The plant wants in the seedling period little sprinkle, the prosperous period wants to much sprinkle and spends to expect to water to want the adequacy to control, such as:Calla lily, green Luo, spread tail Kui, fern and turtle carry bamboo, ten thousand years on tail Kui, fern and turtle’s back green etc..It is the plant that water keeps to have some, such as:The narcissus flower, rich and honored bamboo and hyacinth etc. want to usually change water.Well worth mentioning BE, people make it a rule to drink to remain of tea-leaf water with sprinkleses in the flower pot, this is false, because the tea alkali is harmful to plant.

The plant is constantly absorbed humidity by root to provide the leaf with the noodles to evaporate, also in the meantime the plant need of various have no the machine salt absorb a plant body from the soil, provide the plant manufacturing the nutrition and develop for the convenience of its growth.Root the big part(have 96~98%) that absorbs humidity the noodles evaporation drop from the leaf.The degree of humidity in the air keeps at 40%~60% in order to like, the plant grows disadvantage while being air degree of humidity in below 25%, lead Gao again make the person feeling uncomfortable.The control method of degree of humidity is in general use spray the method of fog moist plant to solve, can also put water to pass humidity indoors in the dry season of evaporation to solve.Particularly want to make the indoor kept normal degree of humidity in the winter stanza in autumn.

connect a technique

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

The fairy ball marries to connect a technique
Develop fairy ball to all generally make a Zhen wood with three Leng arrowses.But three Leng arrowses aren’t very resistant to cold, in winter if don’t heat an equipments, three Leng arrowses are easily harmed by jelly.

Fairy ball to make with three Leng arrowses make a Zhen wood and marry and answer can indoors safety more winter,opposite safety in”chaotic” can adopt a following method to carry out:

①In deep autumn move away fairy ball the outdoors much take a sunbathe.More insolate a color more deep under the sistuation that don’t burn three Leng arrows meat quality bodies green, the nourishment storing inside the plant enriches more.

②Just the right amount apply fertilizer.The attention increases Shi Lin, potassium fatty, strengthen an anti- cold ability.

③After getting into early winter, temperately water.Control stem don’t deeply don’t sprinkle of principle, small water sprinkles to the soil tiny tide then.

④The Tu that avoids a later period grows lately fresh delicate part of growing, will weaken anti- cold ability, disadvantage more winter.

⑤When the air temperature declines to below 5 ℃ , Parts of real object goldsmake the plant accepted sunlight irradiation outdoors in the daytime, bear low temperature to toughen in the evening, strengthen resistant to cold ability.

⑥When the air temperature declines to below 0 ℃ , inside the heat preservation box that the fairy ball put to just self-make with thin wooden board or cardboard, the box uses wire above firm become circle arch type, fill a cotton seed inside the box hull or old waste cotton, fill to basin to follow for the degree, again use plastics bag chase the whole box set up, tie up fast a bag with the cordage.The temperature inside the bag leads Gao, can untie a bag well ventilated well ventilated.Fine warm weather can move the outdoor facing the sun place to the heat preservation box and absorb calories in the daytime, like this can make the temperature inside the box kept in above 10 ℃ .Cold current of air or heavy snow the weather can hang a lamp bulb of 40 tiles in the box, the incalescence adds honor.Pure clear go to valley rain, air temperature stable after, again move away the box out of the outdoors, Jie film after a week, can turn go into normal management.


The basin soil definitely keeps to be partial to stem, such as lead wet, easily cause an Ou root, will make three Leng arrowses withered away putrefied but die.The Yi spring air temperature rally, don’t at will open thin film bag, in order to prevent three Leng arrowses suddenly meet cold raid but jelly happen to harm.When three Leng arrowses are carelessly frozen bad,出境旅遊客源國 never touch three marrying of Leng arrowseses catch the ball and need next year spring, summer spirit instauration normal, again peel off to marry to catch the ball to marry to connect at new of three Leng arrowses or other Zhen woods up.

Appreciate flowers

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Appreciate flowers and trees in response to the anti-virus
No matter is in the beautiful great universe, still just people comfortable living quarters environment in, we can see into 100 Tais:100 up to thousand 1000 Zis,list possibility the gorgeous and colorful strange flower different wood.The pretty flower wood shaped a mood and beautified a life and also brought people’s safety to some extent concealed suffer from.Because, in these pretty flowers originally in, it is above poisonous to have up to thousand.Have among them some still people are familiar and take pleasure in educate of species.

The flowers and trees contains poison to is divided into a few whole stubses that circumstances have to all imply poison quality and have of then just concentrate in the root, caulis and leaf’s slice or the blossom.Some flowers originally although don’t contain poison, but its pollen ability to disease, the person’s nose of allergic sex physical endowment glues a film to after coming in contact with these pollens often causes an allergy and cause the occurrence of a cough, asthma and rhinitis.

However, contain the poisonous material of poisonous flowers and trees not to spread in the air, as long as we don’t adopt to fold and play with the , leaf and caulis, flower and fruit of poisonous flower origin, all generally can’t take place an accident.Family and park the flowers and trees of familiar cultivation, the following species is to imply poison material:

One article is red:The whole stub is poisonous, the white juice liquid can stimulate skin swollen and inflamed, and the mistake includes the danger of poisoned death after eating the caulis, leaf.

Yellow cuckoo:All imply toxin inside plant and flower, 五種堅固牙齒方法if the mistake food will be poisoned.

Sweet scented oleander:All imply sweet scented oleander Mao in the , leaf and bark, the mistake food is a few heavy of dry the material can cause to be poisoned.

Bachelor tree:Belong to strach plant more, its caulis is effluent after breaking of the white juice liquid can make skin red and swollen, the mistake goes into eyes inside can cause to become blind.

Many colors plum:Flower, leaf poisonous, the mistake food will cause diarrhea, get a fever.

Narcissus:The bulb contains to pull can D, the mistake food will cause enteritis and vomit.Leaf and flower’s juice liquid can make skin red and swollen.

Stone garlic:The bulb implies a stone garlic the alkali wait poisonous material.The person’s skin and stone garlic alkali contact future reunion swollen and inflamed becomes itchy, stone garlic alkali’s inhaling a breath way will cause nose bleed, the mistake food will cause to vomit, the diarrhea, hand and foot feels chill, shock, severity can die because the axis paralyzes.

Sensitive plant:The body contains sensitive plant alkali, the excessive contact will cause the person’s hair’s sheding off, the eyebrow is sparse.

The tiger stabs plum:The white juice liquid in the caulis is poisonous, not ability to the eye.

Spending leaf’s ten thousand years is green:The flower, leaf contains grass sour with door in the sky winter vegetable, the mistake food will cause mouth cavity,fang ai swallow, the larynx, esophagus and appetite swollen pain, even hurt vocal cord, make person dumb.

Cactus plant:The sting contains poisonous juice, the human body easily causes the skin swollen pain and scratches an itch after being stabbed etc. disease.

Educate the process of flowers and trees in the artificial in, usually need to spray some medicine and fertilizer, the human body directly gets in touch with these materials, will also produce some badly influence.Therefore, for taking good care of ourselves for the sake of taking good care of our environments, please don’t climb to fold, choke lane plants

orthopedics advantage many

Friday, November 4th, 2011

The flower cuts an orthopedics advantage many
The flower cuts, in addition to cuts off the , weak and impacted branches and leaves of disease. regulate the nourishment of existing branches and leaves with long power, promote sprouting of new with robust, decrease plant diseases and insect pests, sit flower bud more, enlarge blossom, well balanced and extension to spend period outside, can also improve the form of plant, is the emollient means of flower orthopedics shape.看五官辨病症

The broad sense cuts orthopedics and includes to take off heart, put on a leaf, shell Lei, peel, shear, shear a leaf and tie~up firm etc. measure.Do like this airtight for the sake of the Shu of adjusting the branches and leaves and directions, and stub form of high and short, breadth with narrow.Shell, firm mainly is control different part of long carry on regulating of whole certainly.For example leaf’s slice small is as intensive as spear but not and mutually moderate with other parts again, can directly take off or cut off one part to make plant balanced and well-balanced.Partial branch and trunk or bud and Lei Shu but not and all or have Tu long trend, can adopt part to peel,寶寶不愛吃飯the tight dint tie~up firm control nutrient to lose to lead to distribute by regulating the nutrition of balanced each part and grow speed.

Cut the flower of the orthopedics to grow quickly(if hand mulberry, potted plant grape), thin and airtight, leaf’s slice is many and small(such as June snow, potted plant pomegranate and Milan) and bear wound to heal ability is strong, for apply.Can at body sleep period, can be also growing to expect to carry on cutting.Generally in early spring and cut orthopedics at the end of autumn more universal.強迫孩子吃飯嗎 Simply shining on orthopedics and leading orthopedics and cutting the orthopedics vividly comprehensive usage can certainly obtain a satisfied result.

Being not all plants

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Being not all plants can “decontamination” a formaldehyde
Along with to the exaltation that packs environmental protection understanding degree in the house, not a few families chose to put the way of putting the plant”row poison”, this also aroused selling of flower quantity.The reporter discovers recently appearing the phenomenon of playing”decontamination air” brand in this city some flower markets.

Sticking a label can sell 10% moremeat to miss

For replying to repair a pollution, exclusively stick the mark card of “decontamination air”, “expel a formaldehyde” at not a few stores inside some flower markets after Chinese New Year.On a booth that marks “expel a formaldehyde and purify air”, sell a personnel to tell a reporter, “ever since that time stick February up’decontamination air’of marking, not only consult of the person is more, and can probably be much ex-er than this to sell 10% or so.”He points at an ivy to tell a reporter, don’t see this only 20 diverse, a world comes, can also sell one 2310.reduces weight a meal

Before another a booth, be know the reporter buys a floral purpose BE, sell a personnel to then mean, we here mainly sell of mostly is the plant to have the improvement function to living quarters environment, he tells a reporter, is living quarters decontamination air, had better choose an a little bit big plants, and had better be not bloom.

It’s effective to purify air to bear a Yin plantfat in autumn

Can leaf’s slice a little bit big plants really purify indoor air?As long as we are once cautiously analytical and will discover, the words of some sale personnels obviously lack logic, for example, “if is the house of 20 square meters, this can reduce 20% formaldehydes, your buying 5 is getting aller right.”A sale personnel even means that” is concrete of I also not clear, all anyway have advantage to the living quarters.”

So flower to get rid of the indoor in of does the harmful air have many your works to use?Which plants more suitable put to put in the living quarters?The industry insider means that the plant expels a formaldehyde to wait the harmful composition really has a certain function to the decontamination indoor air, but currently some actual functions that the publicity overestimated it.The plant after all breathes ability very limited, it isn’t realistic to completely depend on plant clearance.

Exactly which plant a thing can even purify indoor air, there is no hard conclusion currently.Mutually in comparison, bear a feminine gender plant larger to the decontamination indoor air function, because bear the growth of feminine gender plant to mainly depend on photo-synthesis, but some plants that bear feminine gender, can while being in need of the premise of photo-synthesis, betterly growth.Consequently say, is suitable for the indoor to grow, leaf’s slice bigger plant, bearing the feminine gender will be a little bit strong.But bear the plant of feminine gender, including a bamboo Yu and sky south star, ten thousand years is green, specieses, such as Long Xie Shu and green Rong…etc..焦慮抑郁

Moreover, the existence is some mistake areas in introducing plant function on the market, for example the gold Hu wait a cactus plant, the opposite demand sunlight is a little bit stronger.Beautify an indoor environment to have no problem, but pollute effect to the clearance isn’t very good.The expert emphasizes that include some plants of so-called poisons, such as, the tiger sting plum, sweet scented oleander, and green Luo etc.s, in fact these are all good indoors to bear a Yin plant, as long as you don’t eat it, don’t touch it, there is all no problem.Therefore, in addition to purifying air, flower and plant also have a certain improvement function to the environment of living quarters, on the other hand it will send forth some humidities, to there is the function of increment degree of humidity in the indoor and on the other hand regulate to the person’s spirit also beneficial.