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the European Union and the United Kingdom and other human rights situation

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Russian Foreign Ministry on the 28th issued a lengthy report on human rights, criticized the United States, the European Union and the United Kingdom and other human rights situation, saying that the legalization of torture, racial discrimination, immigration, and terrorism and the indiscriminate use of force in humanitarian operations and other issues. Report directed at the United States will impose its own legal citizens of other countries

The report in the arrested and extradited by the United States, Jarraud Tymoshenko accused of drug trafficking by the United States as the most typical of the two events.

Russia accused the United States and Washington, then the human rights situation of human rights is far from ideal. The primary unresolved issue is still detained in Guantanamo prison 171 prisoners suspected of terrorism, U.S. President Barack Obama even announced their indefinite detention and the legalization of illegal detention. Russia said the U.S. did not stop in areas of armed conflict in violation of international humanitarian acts and continue to abuse of the anti-terrorism force.

Report, the United States since the UN Secretary General Special Representative for Afghanistan announced a de Mistura, 1,500 casualties in Afghanistan in 2010, of which 14% died of an international coalition at gunpoint, while the first half of 2011, the number of casualties has increased 15% over 2010 .

The Russian Foreign Ministry reiterated on African American and Latin American ethnic minorities and other U.S. concerns, the report says, the white areas of these races in the United States poor living conditions, limited employment opportunities, lack of adequate medical care and public services, there is crime.

The lengthy report pointed that there are eight British human rights issues, including the United Kingdom in August this year, urban youth detained after violent riots over the normal range and poor detention conditions, resulting in several deaths; British abuse of Iraqi prisoners of war died in 2003 event 2011 re-confirmed; Anglo-American intelligence agencies had helped Gaddafi monitor dissidents and suspected torture and so on.

Russia accused of racism and xenophobia in the EU countries, including the attitude towards refugees and immigrants. Reported that, in health, education, housing security, and other aspects of the EU countries there are serious racial discrimination, discrimination in employment mainly from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Romania.


and prosperity of socialist Korea Spring will come.

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

[KCNA Pyongyang, December 21 (Xinhua) - Leader Kim Jong Il's death a few days before the final inspection braved the inclement weather hard deeds touched the hearts of people across the country.

It was December 16, Kim Jong Il to a music information centers and supermarkets inspection, but also according to the schedule set foot on the forward journey. That is very cold, but also windy, the temperature hit the lowest record since 1985.

17 in the morning, Kim Jong-il road train people in the field to guide the way, the temperature plunged usual 4 to 7 degrees Celsius, is the lowest temperature this winter. Bad weather makes this a more deeply felt Kim’s hard to run around, he still braved the freezing cold to on-site guidance, full of love and loyalty to the motherland.

weather experts say, the long journey en route inspections, snow and other inclement weather is greater than the number of days in fine weather, in the cold, Comrade Kim Jong Il has been fighting to the last moment of life. In this patriotic devotion inspired by the spirit, and prosperity of socialist Korea Spring will come.

[KCNA Pyongyang, December 21 (Xinhua) – More and more people rushed to the place Kim Jong Il North Korea remains the Fairview Mountain Memorial Palace to offer condolences.

responsibilities. How can we ask for forgiveness?

Kim Ling in front of people burst into tears, calling him with a choking voice:

poetry, These works describe the sake of national prosperity and happiness of the people work hard day and night, to move forward until the last moment of life of Kim Jong Il.

poetry reflects the firm to continue the revolutionary traditions of all the people of unshakable faith and determination.

[Yonhap Seoul, December 22 (Xinhua) – North Korea says Kim Jong-un is a clear 22

Labor Party organ

editorial stressed that around loyally accept his leadership. After the death of Kim Jong Il, North Korea formally refer to teachings first time.

students meet with representatives of more than 500 people will be held . In addition

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Xin Qing Hong Jiyu all ) yesterday , Shanwei municipal government will meet the media at Wukan event . Shanwei Municipal Committee Zhengyan Xiong said at the meeting , Shanwei municipal government decided to bring the Lufeng municipal government is doing , pledged to honor the demands of the villagers solutions to enhance the implementation by the Shanwei municipal government . The original Toyota Livestock Co., Ltd. has been frozen land , the government came forward to compensate those who lost land to recover 404 acres of land involved in the incident , through the village to seek advice before planning departments and the development of a new and fully protect the interests of the villagers .

It is reported that on December 18, Shanwei City, the main party leaders and Wu Kan Village and the surrounding areas of cadres and masses , teachers, students meet with representatives of more than 500 people will be held . In addition , the village party branch secretary of Xue Wu Kan Chang , Ren Chenshun Italy was the main village on 16 December by the local discipline inspection organs carry out the

Zhengyan Xiong said Wu Kan events in the village is the village party branch and village committee discontent among the masses who continue in office is responsible for too long , in the management of village affairs , and has been selling land or transfer of land facing the appreciation of the situation, out of interest changes concern , asked to protect their legitimate rights and interests . Events in the nature of village conflicts of interests , I believe we will deal with .


and is the subject of crime at various cases as bribes.

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Yesterday, the Although it is a rest day, but football’s anti-gambling fight case to go to trial 19 began, but the courthouse, but he is not lonely. More than three in the afternoon, there are already three forty correspondents to

There are indications that, Tieling Intermediate People’s Court is ready.

2.6 million bribery

Gaosuibuyou Thailand today, prompting the first stage will be the first woman director Zhang Jianqiang, the Chinese Football Association. According to the reporter, Zhang Jianqiang involved amounted to 260 million yuan.

Jianqiang in 1992 into the State Sport General Administration of football management center, and has served as judge of the Chinese Football Association secretary general and director of women, in March 2010 on suspicion of taking bribes arrested by public security organs according to law. 16, Tieling Intermediate People’s Court issued hearing notices will be 19, said Zhang Jianqiang bribery trial accused of non-national staff bribery case. Tieling Intermediate People’s Court that the notice has clearly confessed bribery Jianqiang’s case falls, and is the subject of crime at various cases as bribes.

Previously, Zhang Jianqiang, CCTV has disclosed the relevant facts, including 700,000 yuan for accepting bribes, and command control of the referee Lu Jun 2003 A League Shanghai Shenhua and Shanghai International team were arrested for that game, Jianqiang himself This also confessed. According to Zhang Jianqiang, reviewed the case said the indictment related personnel, as the Chinese Football Association in the referee committee secretary-general, Zhang Jianqiang received other bribes on many occasions, have combined to meet the identity management center staff received bribes, two counts of The total amount of up to 260 million yuan.

According to informed sources, Zhang Jianqiang, most of the amount of bribes are non-national staff received when the subject of crime, but also in the arrest, Zhang Jianqiang initiative honest, positive ill-gotten gains, account of the public security organs have not yet mastered, the court is likely to according to its lighter sentence. Nevertheless, even according to the

Only four media allowed to attend

From the But the good news when the 2011 articles have not yet turned, when we finally see Yang Yimin, Zhang Jianqiang, Lu Jun, Wang Po, Huang Chun-chieh, Zhou Weixin these familiar names, respectively, and Dandong in Tieling Intermediate People’s Court hearing the bulletin.

Posted in Tieling Intermediate People’s Court prior to the announcement, visit the media also can be However, notice posted beginning, non-court staff access to all visitors who are subject to strict limitations. It is understood that in order to meet the upcoming trial, Tieling Intermediate People’s Court some time ago specifically installed a new monitoring system, on the first floor also installed a new camera equipment, security personnel have begun to meet the challenge.

Not only is the security system upgrade, the relevant departments of the media resolutely defending also continue to escalate. Following the previous regulations only four central media can enter the court room to attend after 17, Liaoning Province, the major media have received notice of the relevant departments, shall not be published, broadcast Correspondents required for anti-gambling articles taken from the trial, only the pass is issued using the national media. Had been considered the most fortunate of national media, this time it is also among the depressed. A national media counterparts, told reporters they are now very limited resources, .


According to the State Oceanic Administration

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Two crew members were slightly injured one of them out of danger security for the State Oceanic Administration staff cause of the crash is still under investigation

Reporters on the 9th from the State Oceanic Administration was informed that the Antarctic Zhongshan Station local time at 21:20 on December 8th (morning Beijing time), our 28th Antarctic scientific expedition team configuration perform inspection tasks Antarctic crashed two crew members safe out of danger.


They escape the helicopter crashed ice
one person slightly injured
According to China’s 28th Antarctic scientific expedition team report, the Antarctic Zhongshan Station local time at 21:20 on December 8th, 2011 (Beijing time at 0:20 on December 9, 2011), the configuration of the expedition, Card 32 helicopter (No. B-7810) in the implementation of not successful, the helicopter crashed on sea ice damage.

It is reported that two crew members on machine safety out of danger, and has been back in time to rescue

The helicopter in December 2008 purchased from Russia in 2009, was officially installed my Antarctic expedition. This is the third time with the team perform the aircraft mission in Antarctica, owned by the China Polar Research Center, commissioned by Citic General Aviation Co., Ltd. to manage and implement the Antarctic mission.

After receiving the report, the State Oceanic Administration, immediately start the related emergency response mechanism to require expedition to suspend the work activities, depending on site conditions, accident investigation and evidence collection and managed to crash the helicopter wreckage collection. Cause of the accident is under investigation.


Crew for the SOA staff

Reporters morning stakeholders from the State Oceanic Administration was informed that the expedition of China’s Zhongshan Station in Antarctica in the plane crash, the crew of the SOA’s own staff.

According to the source, the State Oceanic Administration team about the aircraft is divided into three, one is responsible for the polar aircraft inspection; the other is used for maritime surveillance aircraft, these aircraft are usually parked in the ocean surveillance ship, used for maritime surveillance aircraft have three; addition, there are other uses of the aircraft.

According to the National Oceanic relevant sources, the general unit of China’s Antarctic research are conducted mainly in the Great Wall Station teams, team Zhongshan Station and Kunlun Station team,

Reporters morning connections limited liability company Citic General Aviation head of Mr. Wang, according to Mr. Wang said, CITIC general aviation helicopters back in 1999 there have been similar to the phenomenon of landing, when the company an ordinary civilian helicopter made a forced landing due to failure in Shanghai.

Aircraft from the Polar Research Center

According to the State Oceanic Administration, Polar office personnel, the State Oceanic Administration, a unit in Shanghai, the name for the China Polar Research Center. The center is mainly responsible for

And every time the management of the use of aircraft in Antarctica, there is a each Antarctic expedition, from Shenzhen, the company carried out with the aircraft and crew.

Snow Dragon expedition route

Set sail from Tianjin in early November, the

Cape Town, South Africa, after the supply by February 18, 2012 return to the Zhongshan Station for the second session, March 10 left Zhongshan Station for home by the Australian Port of Fremantle.

April 8, 2012,


calling people remember history

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Guangming Daily , 8 December Tokyo (Reporter Yan Sheng Wo ) is the Japanese attack on the United States this year the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor , Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and some public and media events that reflect on the 8th .

Yoshihiko Noda 8th meeting of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Defense 70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor , said , in this reflection , based on the contribution to world peace . Shimane Prefecture of Japan ‘s women’s groups to 8 people in the streets when the Japanese government issued a similar order of conscription red leaflets , calling people remember history , against the war . Has been involved in the original action when the Japanese attack pilot , 90 year old has been introduced to the media before the field force operations at the time of the attack . Maeda said , Japanese

But there are also the day of Japan’s conservative media in an editorial , urged the Japanese to their own vision 70 years ago to review the incident . The editorial described the Japanese conservative scholars view that the United States go to war not only because the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor , President Roosevelt, but with a tough attitude has a lot to Japan , said the Roosevelt regime is rare in American history, anti-Japanese regime. Nevertheless, the editorial still stands only to strengthen the Japan-US alliance in order to most effectively protect the peace.


the army prepared to enter an era of cost-saving

Friday, December 9th, 2011

but with the current war died down, the army prepared to enter an era of cost-saving , military industry ‘s future caused unprecedented anxiety.

analysts are concerned that if investors foresee the prospects for the future will be divestment . There are indications that the stock market has to respond . Bollinger said the market value of the entire U.S. military-industrial complex are not as good as Google . Apple’s cash on hand can only buy Lockheed – Martin , Northrop – Grumman, and Raytheon .

Strategic and Budgetary Assessments recently published research report predicted that reconnaissance satellites .

U.S. arms manufacturers are required to protect the Pentagon to step up military industry from imminent collapse . In their view , the new weapons systems budget depleted , rare large projects , many of the important military supplier that may soon be pushed under the well-known cliff road .

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