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Xu Tieying third brother

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Yongnian liberation two years later than the victory. China’s Anti-Japanese War in 1945, the end of Japan’s unconditional surrender, and Yongnian county until October 5, 1947 until the liberation. The reason for this is caused by two puppet army captain, a guard is false Yongnian Wang Zemin, deputy United captain, a pseudo-independent brigade Xu Tieying Jing’an (nicknamed iron grinder), a total of 1,650 puppet troops, plus some of the traitor , bandits, bullies, the use of military forces engaged in the Shanxi my battle to fight the opportunity to Handan, dug Fuyang River levee, Yongnian Wali to turn on the water, submerged dike ring five, Pei Tun, up and down the piers, embankment slide, lotus mouth in 19 villages and 1.5 acres of land. Yongnian depression will form a north to south and 9 li, li 8 east to west, with a total area of ​​about 70 large square li drenched.

Yongnian Yongnian depression in the northwest of the city on high ground, the walls 11 meters high, 8 m thick end of the city, outside the city but also water depth 5 m, 20 m wide moat around, easily defensible.

The city of Ping-Han lines – Handan City, October 1945 to the liberation, then the original southern Hebei Yongnian three partition in addition to more than 10 outside the county are successively liberated. For the rear Yongnian this isolated military base in the Shanxi Military Liu, Deng wanted it destroyed the head twice, once early in January 1946, the sixth season of the column to the use of ice lay Yongnian, but the temperature is high, the city on Tuesday, 300 meters deep lots without ice, were dropped. The second time was in June 1946, the second column in cooperation with local forces quickly captured the Yongnian City and north of the things Chengguan ice pit, killed the younger brother of iron grinding Xuchang Qi Li and Wang Zemin’s chief of staff, full secondary. June 15, the city’s military offensive was launched on Yongnian, our artillery on the walls of blasting, blasting pitch because of the new pontoon ride too close to the pontoon algorithm of fault, commandos can not move forward, the siege was forced to stop.

Two unsuccessful siege, more than 600 officers and men of my injuries, bloody lessons that we storm into the siege. In June 1946, we mobilized Yongnian, Fei Xiang, Quzhou, Jize, Handan County 5 50 000 workers, around 50 Yongnian depression repair a li-long City revised the size of the towers 59, 170 bunkers, repair cover operations room 164, near the deep water outside the city also erected more than 10,000 at the root stakes, and planted more than 10,000 pieces of various types of mines, outside the city and narrow surface Yongnian City West, North on both sides of the besieging forces by the PLA defense, the water wide, east and south sides by the militia sentry, not to mention the enemy out Qiangliang is also difficult to escape out of a military surveillance eyes. See the effect this big move, with the changes in the development of war, the enemy had a hard time, and ate each battlefield defeat, Yongnian City, a small group of cannon fodder for the degree of attention gradually faded out. Since September 17, 1947 since the end of Yongnian City dropped. Because of hunger, the enemy within the king, many persons complaining, and some want to kill them surrendered to the army.

October 1, 1947, the enemy again and again long Li Qingchun 2 find me carrying a basket of bullets 5 independent deputy head Cui Zhiguo, asking him to give him twelve pounds of rice, soup boil point came after he led the troops to surrender. Cui, deputy head gave him 30 kilos of rice, 20 kilos of bread, will he return, and told him to be careful. Lee went back, side arrangement of surrender, one side to see iron grinding head, grinding iron was about to touch shot dead, was a confidant of many to seize his hand, iron grinding spot to kill Lee, then Lee’s wife was also killed .

This one, the city would be in total chaos Yongnian. October 3 morning, Wang Zemin independent business a long Huyu Kun led again and again with 1, 3, and spy platoon leader with 180 people, killing more than 10 monitors to block their enemy, they braved the hail of bullets to kill our military to surrender. Surrender to the army to prepare the report to the city to break through the enemy’s movements. Originally, Wang, Xu saw two city without food, lose morale has not holed, they intend to break. To not affect their breakout, the first people who do not want to go with them to kill, a cook with Wang Zemin years old, because that do not want to go, he incurs the king shot to death.

Evening of 3 October 1947, the enemy to paralyze us, send Yanjing An, Hebei old wear, Zhang Yanbin come to us to surrender negotiations. Army against the enemy’s surrender three conditions: First, the first commander of the KMT sent Zhong Yulin and radio to pay out; Second, the withdrawal of four off troops, all concentrated in the city, lay down their arms, waiting to receive; three hours to surrender no more than at 15:00 on October 4th.

October 4, 1947, army officers and soldiers in the continuous rain in the city closely watching the enemy’s movement. 15:00 has passed, but not to lower the enemy, that enemy surrender to be false. As a result, our military to camp as a unit, sent to the deep water swimming whistle and found the enemy to break through. Starting from 15:20, has a number of small stocks over 440 total surrender to the army. Wang Zemin Zhang Wanzhen Independent Battalion, the first report after the surrender to the army, the enemy is concentrating on the city, will soon break. 21:00, Yongnian City, northwest corner of the direction of the enemy in the water heard the cry: the Eighth Route Army, we are to surrender, and where to go ah? Bianhan side desperately rushed over. Ascertain the enemy to break through, then our military commanders under the command of the fire. After fierce fighting, the enemy killed 720 people. After more than 400 enemy breakthrough 2nd Battalion command post where I went to Plum Village, 11 2nd Battalion was my handyman who catch 35 prisoners. I reserve 5 groups of two companies rushed to the Plum Village, surrounded by the enemy, through fighting, in addition to a number of enemy killed on the spot, and more than 200 enemy prisoners of war, the enemy commander Zhong Yulin also captured alive.

Wang Zemin, Xu Tieying and immediately went after the break over a hundred people trusted the direction of escape Anyang. The enemy did not dare take the road, muddy road in the rain the night before more than 20 miles away, dawn he went to Handan East Village, a large temple to help Jen, I am still bi villagers soldiers were found. The sound of gunfire, the village militia are all alarmed. Dawn on the 6th, the enemy went into the County Town of Lu Village Mall, 3 Wang Zemin sent a regiment of Fok leading four of the packs Feibing village reconnaissance situation, search and seize food. They pretend the Eighth Route Army, claiming to be high Houliang commander of the team, give them out to the militia rice. Always because of a guilty conscience, they won the gun militia, militia deputy head Li Wenxiang high Houliang immediately under the militia commander of the team’s Xiqiao Shi gun volley independent group reporting to the troops. I am the head of an independent group 6 after receiving the report, Zhao again and again to send 5 phase with 20 enemy soldiers surrounded these five. After questioning, the enemy’s answer flawed. The enemy would like to turn to escape, killed the enemy commander Zhao Huo Jian’s head and another soldier, the other three were captured alive.

Jia Village Square West is the enemy heard the shots immediately rushed into the village, and I even hit 5, after a fierce street fighting, the enemy rushed to the north of the village on a sand dune, my independent groups 1, 2 battalions of 6 Warriors rush to start melee combat with the enemy dunes. One hour put the enemy killed. Wang Zemin, Xu Tieying other 70 people were killed, Wang Zemin’s chief of staff travel home Gui, Director Li Yihuan political training, Xu Tieying third brother, and so on more than 50 captured alive, no one escaped.

October 4, 1947 midnight, Yongnian army into the city, eliminate Candi, sweep the battlefield. Facing the October 5, 1947 sunrise, was the Japanese ravaged eight years, has been the king, Xu Yongnian City declared a two-year entrenched the liberation.


only to receive a central station two channels

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Dark face, a big strong rough hands, a soil covered with camouflage, walking in the Liaodong secluded cove, met the He called Jin You, Shenyang Military District range caretaker, his deep in the mountain range have been alone held out for 20 years.

On the open range, the soldiers are nervously for small arms fire training. Friends sitting on a gold short distance on the hill, silently watching the shooting range on the lively young fellow who – 20 years ago, he was the same as these young comrades, fought on this range.

In 1991, the Shenyang Military District in the Liaodong built deep in the mountains at this range. Who guards to find range, when military leaders think about consuming a fan: people want practical work hard, the best families living in rural areas. At that time the volunteers have been in service for seven years by military leaders selected gold friends.

That winter, Jin You entered carrying luggage alone range. Alone on the hillside three small tile-roofed house quietly stand in a corner shooting range, covered by white snow, like a hill.

Day, with snow in the air and dance, to wreak havoc with the cold and windy, there are a variety of birds and beasts of strange sounds. Watching this humble house and the only one telephone contact with the outside world, Jin You a big heart suddenly cold half. He wanted to make leadership difficult, but then go back to the mouth and pharynx: Somebody has to dry and then hard, not to mention his name or veterans, veteran party members.

Six months later, troops understand the difficulties of the Friends of gold, sent to cover the county of Liaoning, his young wife and 3-year-old son received a gold pass range. Since then, the simple and honest man of the Friends of gold often bursting out with a smile to his face.

There are not many tasks of the day, more often range in empty. No one to play with, gold was often the son of friends who went to the family raised a little lamb beside himself:

Open range is particularly quiet winter night outside Solanum mournful whistling wind, the wife a few fried dishes, Jin You alone drink twenty-two

Friends of his wife, life partner is golden, but also his care range of Every day at dawn, the couple get up to inspect ranges, organize training equipment. Morning, the Oscar on his wading through the river in front of the piece, more than three miles to walk outside the village primary school.

Here life is very convenient, but Jin You never mentioned requirements to the organization. While in the care of a good range, he ranges into the surrounding chaos Shek Kong reclaimed land, grow some vegetables, raise some chickens, ducks, both to improve the living, but also to add some lonely days of life.

These years, the couple in their joint efforts, working and living conditions have been improving. Replaced by three new small tile-roofed house large tile, spacious and clean the house arrayed with 34 inches LCD TV, the roof is also the placement of a solar water heater.

Friends of the family television is the most important gold A few years ago home only a 12-inch black and white TV, or cans made with a simple antenna, only to receive a central station two channels, and Liaoning. Now, with his troops made a LCD TV, plus the installation of his own

Internet era, gold has driven the fashionable friends. 2011, a spring, he was riding a motorcycle to town to buy a computer. I did not expect, not where broadband installation, computer network can not be bought together.

Friends said King, to see soldiers on the firing range lively figure, listening to

Whenever there is fire protection mission, Jin You get up before dawn, his soldiers to catch the target before the arrival of the various facilities placed in place. Training period, he and his wife saw the soldiers training hard, every time a pot of bean soup on the cook, carried range. Apart from training, love and soldiers Laoke gold, which the soldiers camouflage worn or lost buttons, he will say:

Sunset fade, sunset reflected day, the soldiers one-day training is over. At this time, with his wife Kim Friends of the training equipment in an orderly manner silently swung back to the warehouse.

Days without training mission, Jin You still 4 am every day to get up to park ranger, because within the range of trees is also under his supervision. Each park ranger, he leaning on a stick, walked along I do not know how many times the trail, away for more than two hours.

Range within the region every tree as his children, he even put the tree’s life more important than our own. Previously, the villagers often steal the tree, because Jin You,

Care and maintenance of a good range training facilities need to be careful even more seriously. Once, gold members in the finishing training facilities, and found two pit cover was gone. He immediately thought of the day old Liu has been in the range of villagers while wandering around. That night, friends came to the old King Liu, to return the missing pit lid.

From youth to the temples whitish, Jin You endured unimaginable loneliness and hardships, as an unknown, like the pine roots in the mountains, the best 20 years of life are dedicated to the mountains.

Friends said King, in fact, he is not so lofty, that 20 years have had a hesitation. Streamlined force in 1998, he has served 13 years expire, in Yingkou of his home to find a paid job. Think about these days of remote places in ravines, he also wanted to give Kim a stable life through Niangliang. Range where he has not as streamlined abolished, but expanded scale. Organizational needs, but also to dispel the idea that he retired.

In 2009, Kim served 25 years Friends of five non-commissioned officers expired, retired to the station for retired cadres. When the troops proposed to continue his care range, this the rest of him, but one agreed. Let Jinyou proud that his son grew up from childhood in the gold range pass, but also glorious army, has become a non-commissioned officers.

20 years, Jin Youjian keep deep in the mountains, not seeking heard of, do not envy the rich, even the statutory holidays off almost without a break, come home for one year is also rare.

Today, gold is most worried about friends far away in the cover of the old county home mother. Range due care get away, Jin You only in the winter only when each trip back home, and have come back after just two days. He had much to call home, every time he should be asked:

Every time you put down phone, gold wood in place a long time old friends did not speak. Mother’s age, and he was not around filial piety, full of guilt gold Friends. But friends said Kim, 20 years, my range of plants and trees have a deep affection, if the force-building needs, I will continue to stick in here, this is my glorious mission.


Since 2007

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

TEHRAN, January 16 (Reporter Du Yuan Jiang Heguang sea) Iranian Speaker Ali Larijani said Sunday that Iran has arrested several suspects in the assassination of Iraqi nuclear experts穆斯塔法艾哈Ahmadinejad – Lo suspects.

Iran Larijani accused the Israeli assassinations and this is associated , adding that Iran will not remain silent on the assassination , Israel would be an appropriate way to respond .

Iran’s Foreign Ministry on the 14th to the Swiss embassy in Iran, U.S. interests in Iraq, issued a protest note office , accused the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency planned to assassinate Ahmadinejad – Lo . Note that Iran holds the American CIA in the assassination of the evidence , urged the U.S. government to explain the matter immediately .

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, 11, denied U.S. involvement in the assassination of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – Lo .

Since 2007 , six cases have occurred in Iran for nuclear scientists attacks , a total of five nuclear experts death , a nuclear expert injured. January 11, Iran ‘s nuclear program with chemical experts Ahmadi – Lo suffered bomb attacks killed. Iranian government has always maintained that the attacks are related to U.S. and Israeli intelligence bodies.


the CPC Central Committee approved

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

China news agency, Wuhan, January 6 – Hubei Provincial People’s Congress , according to the official website announced 6 , January 5 meeting of the twenty-eighth session of the Eleventh Standing Committee of Hubei Province decided to appoint : Wang Xiaodong, Vice Governor of Hubei Province governor . The meeting also decided to vote to accept Li Xiansheng , section round a deputy governor of Hubei Province, resigned from office . More than two deputy governor ‘s resignation , the Eleventh National People’s Congress of Hubei Province reported five meetings for the record.

Wang Xiaodong , male , Han nationality, born in January 1960 , Jiangxi Xinfeng who had appointed the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee, Deputy Governor . December 2011 , the CPC Central Committee approved : Xiaodong any Hubei Provincial Committee, Standing Committee ; Li Xiansheng no longer serve as Hubei Provincial Committee member. Previously, the CPC Central Committee decided that the original CPC Hubei Provincial Committee, Deputy Governor Li Xiansheng transferred to the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee, Standing Committee , deputy secretary .

According to the Hubei Provincial People’s Government official website shows a segment wheel , a former deputy mayor of Wuhan , the CPC secretary of Jingzhou City , Hubei Provincial Government Secretary-General , Vice Chairman of Hubei Province , Vice Governor of Hubei Province .

According to the Hubei Provincial People’s Congress announced , selected by the Wuhan City, Hubei Province of the Eleventh People’s Congress Li Xiansheng adjustment has been removed due to work , Hubei , and its representation in termination . Wang Xiaodong, Wuhan in Hubei Province People’s Congress election Eleventh People’s Congress . (


will be 7 years in research and development

Monday, January 16th, 2012

According to the Xinhua News Agency Xinhua last month, U.S. 30, Boeing received a U.S. Department of Defense missile defense system orders worth $ 3.48 billion .

According to the U.S. Department of Defense statement , Boeing beat Lockheed – Martin , Department of Defense continues to be the primary long-range missile defense system contractor .

Boeing and Northrop Grumman team beat Lockheed – Martin and Raytheon team , will be 7 years in research and development , testing, design, manufacturing middle ground-based ballistic defense program . Middle ground-based ballistic defense system involving land, sea and space , the goal is to intercept ballistic missiles of various ranges .

Boeing vice president and program director Noam figure in the Defense Department said in a statement , I believe this competition ,

Boeing previously said that since January 2001, the project became the first Department of Defense contractors since Boeing brought the value of this project is approximately $ 18 billion.

Lockheed Martin did not immediately respond to this order


China and the ROK Summit will hold talks on bilateral consultations.

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Global Network reporter Chang reported , Yonhap reported on January 4 , South Korean President Lee Myung-bak starting from January 9 to China for a three- day state visit.

According to reports, Lee China’s invitation, from January 9 to 11 -day visit to China . This will be his sixth visit after taking office in China, is the 2nd state visit to China .

South Korean presidential office Cheong Wa Dae , said Lee during his visit , China and the ROK Summit will hold talks on bilateral consultations.

In addition , South Korean leaders will also be the situation on the Korean Peninsula and promote China-ROK FTA talks and exchanged views .


After nearly a whole day struggling to rescue the Russian strategic nuclear submarine Currently

Friday, January 13th, 2012

In recent years, the Russian armed forces and military industry accident-prone, often can cause very serious damage, many of these incidents because of safety criteria were as unheeded.

After nearly a whole day struggling to rescue the Russian strategic nuclear submarine Currently, the fire has caused them have been discharged, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the incident radiation situation surrounding areas were detected, the results showed no abnormalities. Nevertheless, the Russian media still urged the authorities to the accident summary for this painful lesson.

Lucky is not a nuclear leak

Moscow time at 16:20 on December 29th 2011, when the Fortunately, the report stressed that the nuclear-powered submarine fire device is turned off, because the submarine was undergoing maintenance, operation of nuclear reactors must be stopped, allowing the public how much the mind to.

It is understood that, Construction personnel to work with fire, accidentally ignited a makeshift wooden scaffolding up, followed by another point of the submarine surface layer of a special rubber cover, the flames quickly spread on a large body of the submarine off. Although no spread to the internal compartment, the scene is still very dangerous situation.

Local emergency department immediately dispatched 60 fire engines rushed to the scene and 11 units, parking in the vicinity of a large anti-submarine is also involved in fire fighting tasks. After 19 hours of fighting, the fire was finally extinguished. Emergency Situations Ministry spokesman told reporters that the Russian news agency, burned area of ​​150 square meters, fortunately, no one died during the rescue, only two members of the Emergency Situations Ministry and seven sailors on the boat because of inhalation of toxic gases were taken to hospital. 30, they have all been discharged.

Despite the repeated emphasis on the submarine’s nuclear reactor safety, many organizations still require environmental monitoring radiation situation in the surrounding region for close inspection. Emergency Situations Ministry quickly responded to their requests, the results show that the value of the normal nuclear radiation.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev also issued an order to investigate the accident, instructed the head of the Russian deputy prime minister with the shipbuilding 伊戈尔谢钦 and has just been appointed, the Deputy Prime Minister responsible for defense industry Dmitry Rogozin care the matter.

Maintenance difficult and unpredictable consequences

Severodvinsk City Igor Crow Te Qinke military experts pointed out that the Department of Defense will form the first group of experts to assess the situation of the boat, and then decide how to repair, it will be a complex process. He said: , and, the fire’s temperature is very high, part of the structure or components may cause deformation results of the assessment may be very optimistic.

Currently, the submarine will be acceptable where the maintenance has not been determined. After the fire was extinguished, the Russian Defense Ministry has said, do not rule out the submarine submersion in water to make it back to normal as soon as the temperature of the possibilities.

克罗特琴科 added that this show from the very serious incident, the Russian military production implementation procedures there is a big problem. Russia’s The newspaper cited a number of similar incidents, many of them,

Russia’s efforts to change this situation, but the style of work has become more lax,


Special Forces who had served the veterans

Thursday, January 12th, 2012


Special Forces who had served the veterans, their drug trafficking gangs in the provincial capital has been engaged in drug dealing, drug trafficking crazy. The evening of December 29, the group is Qingshan Lake Public Security Bureau of Nanchang drug brigade destroyed in one fell swoop, drug-related suspects were arrested four and seized drugs, million yuan, vehicle crime and two machetes two.

Retired special forces engaged in drug trafficking activities

October of this year, Castle Lake Public Security Bureau Narcotics unit seized an important message to: Ryu led to four high-frequency drug gangs in urban centers in the province of drug dealing.

According to the Public Security Bureau Qingshan Lake Liu police anti-narcotics battalion introduced about 40 years old Liu, who in 1992 served in special forces, there is a strong anti-reconnaissance capabilities. The drug gangs are part of the drug trade

Drug traffickers in the hotel trade

After two months of investigation, the police finally seized on 28 December an important clue: Liu Nanchang camphor in the forest near the modern design hotel in the drug trade.

In the afternoon, anti-drug police to check out the location of the hotel scene familiar environment, but has been waiting for 4 am the following day failed to find traces of the suspect Liu.

8 o’clock in the evening of December 29, Liu finally appeared in the police field of vision, squat in the hotel lobby had two police found Liu entered the hotel and a woman. In order not to arouse his suspicions, the police did not immediately take action, but sent a police follow the suspect to the hotel after the fifth floor, and note the room number where Liu.

Drug gangs were destroyed

Police immediately decided on the ongoing drug trade Ryu and a million arrests.

21:30 or so, a million and a woman out of the room, the police quickly stepped forward and arrested him. Then, the police burst into the room, the suspect Liu and a woman under control. Drug-related police was arrested four suspects and seized drugs,


susceptible populations should reduce outdoor activities appropriate time .

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

According to But friends and parents call and did not stop running around the city on New Year’s scheduled start .

It is understood that after New Year’s Day around the city of Lanzhou race has been held for 39 sessions , held on New Year’s Day this year, the 40th entered the competition to run around the city the number of over 10000.

Event organizers said the event aims Lanzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau data released in 2011 December 25 to 31 week period , Lanzhou air quality index (PM10) were higher than 136 , is light pollution .

Start the day running around the city ‘s air quality even worse , pollution index of 216 , moderate pollution , the primary pollutant is particulate matter . In weather conditions , susceptible populations should reduce outdoor activities appropriate time .

Friends ‘ smiling killer City race. However, parents and friends of the appeal and failed to stop the event on track.


ride. Such as

Friday, January 6th, 2012

BEIJING, Dec. 30 (Xinhua) Beijing Railway Bureau today (30) Chinese New Year Spring Festival Transportation held a news conference the situation, the Beijing Railway Bureau in response to the measures taken by the spring peak. Li Bing, deputy director of Beijing Railway Bureau, said at the press conference a long time, Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station during the Spring Festival will be the first to stop the real-name ticket system verification ride. To ensure a smooth real-name system for ticket validation, Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station will implement measures to limit stop, before driving your visitors best 40-4 minutes or less stop holding documents recount.

Bing introduced a long time, since January 1, 2012, the Beijing Bureau of the tube all the trains will purchase all the real-name system. Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station during the Spring Festival will be the first to stop the real-name ticket system verification ride.

Li Bing, a long time that the two stations in order to ensure real-name system validation ticket to work smoothly, the Beijing Railway Bureau will take the following measures:

1 set verify a reasonable ticket mouth. Beijing Railway Bureau, the Beijing Railway Station Station Square set of 38 real-name system pit ticket validation interface, including: regular check-in port 30, love channel (old and sick pregnant passenger) 1, the emergency channel 3, reset the port 1, the public security system permits the mouth 3. Beijing West Railway Station South Square, 110 real names set ticket validation interface, including: regular check-in port 82, love channel (old and sick pregnant passenger) 5, the emergency channel 5, the reset port 4, the public security system permits port 14.

2 Set the special circumstances of disposal area. On the ticket does not match, the device does not recognize the special circumstances of tickets, etc. for disposal. (Beijing Station 1, Beijing West Railway Station 3)

3 set authentication ticket waiting a reasonable time. In order to ensure passengers under normal circumstances, to achieve validation ticket, stop, waiting, Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station will implement measures to limit stop, before driving your visitors best 40-4 minutes or less, and hold tickets ride tickets were used by the original valid ID card validation ticket, stop, ride. Such as: Beijing West Railway Station T15 time 11:00 departure punctuality drive, holding the passengers of the train ticket, and can carry tickets and bus tickets were used by the original valid ID card at 7:00, the 10 : 20 minutes ago, the Beijing West Railway Station authentication, stop, waiting.

According to reports from spring 2012 until January 8, ending February 16, a total of 40 days. During the Spring Festival, the Beijing Railway Bureau will send visitors expected 2158 million, an increase of 140.31 million, an increase of 7%. Among them, sending tourists in Beijing 1123 million, an increase of 142.3 million, an increase of 14.5%. Beijing Spring Festival travel peak day is expected on January 19 and January 20, the highest global passenger volume will reach Japan to send 73 million, an increase of 3 million people. Among them, the passenger traffic volume in Beijing will reach 46 million, an increase of 1 million people.