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on both sides to cancel the original non-motorized vehicles. Each lane one day design flow of 10

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Twenty-seven Yangtze River Bridge to do static load test.

Reporters on the scene saw, on the ground with the white line drawn N-mark. Unit weight of 30 tons of heavy vehicles was towed to these markers, the measurement of relevant data. 2 sets of each lane open on the car, some observational data.

32 960 tons of heavy vehicles were placed in various parts of the main bridge, like one huge Cold, meticulous staff to do the test, carefully recorded data,

It is reported that the night before twenty-seven bridge completed dynamic load test, is to use one or two cars, pull a few sets of heavy vehicles, to 5 km, 10 km, 20 km -50 km speed to open the line to check how the bridge to withstand by more than one vehicle is not parallel or stand fast by the test.

6 Q Bridge

Yesterday, 27 dynamic and static load test Yangtze River Bridge began to carry out pre-commissioning of the final sprint. Afternoon, the Iron Bridge homes more than the total work on the public twenty-seven Emperor Yangtze River Bridge, some of the

Q: Why is there no sidewalks, bike lanes?

A: 2734 Bridge bike lanes and no sidewalks, is safety. Second Link is a fast road speed of 80 km / hour. In order to ensure the safety of pedestrians and the speed is not affected, 27 Bridge no walkway, with the city on the fast loop Yangluo, Tianxingzhou, as Baishazhou Bridge.

Q: Why is not the most wide-lane bridge up?

A: 2734 original design of the bridge is Bridge blocking the view of the current situation is often the last step into the twenty-seven eight-lane bridge, on both sides to cancel the original non-motorized vehicles. Each lane one day design flow of 10,000, an increase of 2 lanes, one day enlarge 20000 traffic capacity, reducing the burden can be better for the Bridge.

According to estimates, 27 bridge crossing the river daily city traffic share 80,000 -10 million, the Wuhan Yangtze River traffic over 15%, 18% for the Bridge burdens.

Q: Can you avoid the

A: 2734 is the most difficult bridge deck concrete and steel structure on the combination of this design, to avoid the pitch easily attached to the steel box on the slip road leading to frequent breakage. However, the same, take the truck is the highest bridge design standards. Bus 715 Road, 577 Road, you can also go twenty-seven bridge.

Q: Why is original three towers?

A: 2734 Yangtze River Bridge is the city’s first three-tower cable-stayed bridge. Development from two to three towers tower, is a bridge technology, but also changes corresponding to the Yangtze River waterway. Tianxingzhou from only 6.8 km twenty-seven Yangtze River Bridge, is now built seven bridges in Wuhan, the most complex terrain encountered the river, the river waters Waterway authorities require leaving this section shall not be less than 575 m channel, Bridge School designed two 616 m main span. Twenty-seven bridge is located in Wuhan’s first Set up two routes, more secure and calm.

Q: Why did not arch bridge on the Yangtze River?

A: Wuhan Liang bridges, cable-stayed bridge, suspension bridge, arch bridge all four kinds of bridge-building, but did not arch bridge on the Yangtze River in Wuhan. Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge at the river in addition to a narrow, mostly 2-3 km width of the river. Even if the span arch bridge was built 600 meters, the arch will be 150 meters high, not the economy, the difficulty of construction is also high. Such as Wuhan, the river, had to do two cross-arch, in order to cross the river. According to Chongqing, Shanghai and other places of arch estimated cost of construction of arch bridges more expensive than the other, to the

Q: The main city is also able to build the Yangtze River Bridge?

A: Si Yang Wuhan Harbour Bridge from the beginning design, has achieved Yesterday, the China Railway Bridge Survey and Design Institute, said chief engineer of Gojong, in theory, can also be encrypted Wuhan bridge spanning an interval of 2 km will be able to build a bridge.


two local herders in search of the lost sheep into the mountains

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012