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such as Canada

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

World Wide Web reporter Tan Julia reported that the India Business Standard, February 28 reported that the global warming trend has become increasingly evident, the Arctic may be some new routes. China is gradually taking measures into the development of the Arctic Ocean to explore new waterway may give India the traditional The newspaper pointed out that the Indian Defense Minister A K Anthony has expressed this concern.
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India Business Standard reported on February 28, said the Indian defense analysts generally believed that India and China war, India can adopt two strategies to be addressed: the land border in the north by the Army and Air Force defense in India, while , with the Navy to block in the Indian Ocean commercial and military transport routes. India has a coastal airport in Andaman and Nicobar Islands and other regions, while the close proximity of the sea fortress in India and Southeast Asia and West Asia, and these can make use of the advantages of the Indian Navy in order for the implementation of China

The report commented that, However, with the current global warming trend is to take measures to increase the commercial and military development on the Arctic Ocean, which would threaten the traditional strategic vision in India, because China can by a new sea route to bypass the Indian Ocean.

Indian Defense Minister AK Antony in New Delhi on the 27th to participate in an international marine seminar expressed this concern. He said: we may need to re-determine the concept of the chokepoint key marine transport routes.

The report further concluded that global warming is the formation of some new marine transportation routes to connect the North Atlantic and the Pacific north of the Northwest Passage, such as Canada, the northern island of the northern waterway linking the North Atlantic and North Pacific and in the South China Sea, northern Russia. Relations with China will be the northern waterway. This route not only enable China to avoid any potential in the Indian Ocean


when the morning rush hour

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

World Wide Web intern reporter Rats Undergone Cerebral reports, according to the British It is reported that the document content as Britain and France to develop advanced UAV project details .

parties news , the police found the two stole the briefcase of the installed files in the Gare du Nord .
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a source familiar with the case to the Le Parisien newspaper said that file box marked details of the development of UAV projects in Britain and France . He said that documents the theft occurred about the morning about five o’clock , when the morning rush hour , the station was crowded .
the sources said:

It is reported that the briefcase is carried by a senior management in France ‘s Dassault Aviation , Dassault said that documents . February 17 ,

, British Prime Minister David Cameron has arrived in Paris with French President Nicolas Sarkozy to discuss cooperation in R & D projects by France’s Dassault and British Airways . According to diplomatic sources , the two companies will explore for high-altitude long-endurance reconnaissance UAV.


surface ships

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

BEIJING , Feb. 22 – According to Taiwan ‘s United Daily News reported that Taiwan’s military in the 1980s by the Netherlands to introduce Taiwan’s navy confirmed that the procurement to the United States , the UGM – 84L submarine-launched Harpoon missiles , has been completed in the United States test-fired the next two ships will be the installation of related systems , is expected next year is expected to complete readiness . This is Taiwan’s armed forces submarine attachment missiles for the first time , to have the long-range ability to combat the enemy ships .
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The Harpoon missile is the Navy ‘s standard anti-ship missiles , AGM -84 including aircraft , surface ships , the RGM – 84 , the UGM -84 submarine use . Taiwan Navy Kidd-class destroyers and Knox-class frigates , the Taiwan Air Force F – 16 use harpoon , coupled with the procurement of submarine , making the Taiwan military’s future from the air, surface, underwater launch missile attack enemy ships .

In 2001 , the United States announced the sale of eight diesel-electric submarines to Taiwan , and also allows the export submarines with Harpoon missiles and Mk.48 torpedoes . The new submarines so far in the

Assessment of Taiwan’s navy , the decision to purchase the submarine-launched Harpoon , plan code-named Mk.48 torpedoes, not active duty U.S. military ‘s latest performance and the Taiwan military is now used German-made SUT torpedo less , so not purchasing .

In October 2008 , the U.S. Department of Defense reported to Congress , the sale of 36 submarine-launched Harpoon missiles , including four practice rounds , as well as carrier-based control systems and parts , the total amount of $ 200 million .

According to reports, the submarine-launched Harpoon is a The missile is mounted in a waterproof container , the water ejected through the torpedo tubes , missile blasted off at this time , a low altitude fly to set the target location , the final stage and then turn on the radar seeker , calibration of enemy ships attack .


Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Friday, February 17th, 2012

In the United States Department of Defense on February 14, visiting the United States Vice President Xi Jinping met with Defense Secretary Panetta, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Dempsey and U.S. defense departments and military officials, which is the past 10 years, the national leadership first visit to the Pentagon. During the meeting, Xi Jinping stressed is important and positive role in building a healthy and stable and mature military relations on the development of Sino-US relations, and expressed the Chinese side attaches great importance to the development of military relations and sincere intention.
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Xi Jinping’s visit is an important measure to implement the two heads of state consensus, is the beginning of this year to comprehensively advance bilateral relations, a major diplomatic, the two sides from a strategic and global perspective to examine the relations between the two armies the status quo, planning the future direction of development of military relations. A mature and stable relations between countries, need to be a mature and stable military relations support. Mature healthy and stable Sino-US military relations not only conforms to the common interests of both China and the United States, but also conducive to peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region and the world. From the overall situation of Sino-US relations, planning and promoting the development of military relations between China a consistent policy choice. Years of practice, mutual trust is an important prerequisite for healthy and stable development of Sino-US military relations.

Enhance mutual trust, comprehensive and accurate understanding of each other’s strategic intentions. China and the United States should transcend differences in ideology and stereotypes, objective and balanced view of each other’s development. China will unswervingly follow the road of peaceful development, China’s development is an opportunity rather than challenge the United States. China firmly pursues a defensive national defense policy, has no intention of also pose a threat to the United States.

Enhance mutual trust, the need to constantly consolidate and expand the common interests of both sides. Asia-Pacific region is the most concentrated areas of Sino-US common interests and broad Pacific has provided a broad space for China-US cooperation. At present, the common interests of the Chinese and U.S. militaries in counter-terrorism, nonproliferation, anti-piracy, humanitarian relief and reduction and other non-traditional security fields is increasing, but also in maintaining regional peace and stability and properly handle the international hotspot issues and also have more and more the interests of the intersection. Background of peaceful development is the theme of the times, the two sides should constantly expand common interests, rather than artificially prominent military security agenda, damage trust.

Enhance mutual trust, respect and care for each other’s core interests and major concerns. Safeguard the fundamental interests of the State should be the duty of any national army. Only related to each other’s core interests and major concerns on the issue truly reflects the mutual respect and the development of military relations with dynamism and vitality.

Enhance mutual trust also requires both sides to properly handle differences and sensitive issues. China and the United States are great countries, the Chinese and U.S. militaries are shouldering the important responsibility of safeguarding world and regional peace. Reduce differences, and to eliminate friction, control risk, and U.S. militaries can really do for world peace and development contribution. China is looking forward to the United States can meet each other halfway, sincerity and take concrete actions to effectively reduce and eliminate the obstacles and difficulties in the cooperation of military exchanges, promote the stable development of relations between the two militaries.

We are at a historic moment, nurture and enhance mutual trust between the two armies of China and the United States to rational choice, is also their bounden responsibility. A short step, resulting in thousands of miles. Sino-US military to comply with the consensus of the two heads of state on the development of bilateral military relations, to the Vice-President Xi’s successful visit as an opportunity, in line with the principle of understanding, enhance mutual trust, to write a friendly Sino-US military the main theme. (Qian Lihua of this special commentator, the Ministry of National Defense Foreign Affairs Office, Major-General)


we really should take the attitude

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Wang (China’s former ambassador to Bahrain, Jordan, Iran’s Ambassador): we must first understand the US-Iran relations in the end what is the problem, look in the end, Da Buda up. First question, some said uncomfortably nuclear issue, and some say it is a question of democratization, I do not think so. Iran is a major obstacle to dominate the Middle East, this is the real problem.
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Dangerous tone of the war both sides are high, but I think both sides have a virtual place. The Iranian economy is very difficult, has announced that Europe Iran to block Strait of Hormuz, have this ability, but can not be sustained. The clamor was the United States is also very powerful, and has been a part of right-wing support, but the power of the United States today not as good as the eve, really want to fight, Obama should think twice before calling will his election smashed.

Huihou (China before the conflict in Algeria, Tunisia, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt Ambassador): Iran and the United States is a structural contradiction between the two countries’ strategic intent, strategic significance of tit for tat. U.S. to fight Iran, nearly every burst necessary to speculation, speculation among the N times this year only. But Da Buda, I think the choice of the United States there are three possibilities, one is the same as the war on Iraq, sending troops to fight. The second is to blow up Iran’s nuclear facilities. The third is to maintain the sanctions to block Iran’s oil exports, an attempt to cut off Iran’s economic lifeline, the internal difficulties, so that people revolted, and again pick up the pieces. The first two undesirable for U.S., Iran is vulnerable, it is impossible to take the initiative to provoke a war.

Ding Hong (former Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations, Switzerland, Belgium, in the EU head of delegation): Iran’s nuclear issue has been going on for 33 years, is a manifestation of the political struggle between the United States and Iran, the nature of their struggle, in essence, is subversion and subversion. Although Europe with the United States appears to stand together, in fact, the policy of the European countries with the United States there is a difference, they do not support the United States simply to put pressure. Using the nuclear issue to achieve many purposes, to put pressure on Iran, but also to contain the country to maintain normal relations with Iran, including China, Europe. Any punitive measures against the losses caused by U.S. sanctions point loss is someone else. As for the war, from the U.S. do not want to play and do not want to play, at least in the general election phase, and Iran do not want to play, and now everyone is worried that Israel hit, if you really want to make, there is no co-ordination of the United States, Israel not dare to. I feel that in foreseeable circumstances, not a war.

Wang Sheng (China in Nigeria, Ambassador of Colombia in the APEC Senior Officials): appears to war clouds hanging over, but in reality it is psychological warfare, propaganda war, diplomatic war, sanctions and anti-sanctions, tough and anti-tough domestic and international general worry about The outbreak of war, misfires, actually working on the weapons may not escape.

Far, Pei Ying (China in India, the Ambassador of Poland): If the United States to fight Iran, is tantamount to suicide, but now the possibility of violent conflict between the United States and Iran is increasing. The United States has a lot of heart disease, afraid of the formation of a Shiite center in the Middle East, outside in addition to Iran, now those in power in Iraq is also a Shiite, Syria. Iran is bigger, Iraq to attract in the past, Syria for their own safety, but also to be attracted to the United States to maintain hegemony in the Middle East is a big obstacle. I see the possibility of hands in the increase. The pressure change agents can not go on how to do action, sending the aircraft carrier, to talk about with Georgia, said that in order to obtain military channel.

The United States in the Middle East is still the leading?

Ding Yuan Hung: The United States previously to promote the purpose of so-called Greater Middle East Initiative, there are two, one to maintain the dominant position of the United States in the region, the second, to maintain Israel.

Wang: U.S. Middle East has never been simpler Greater Middle East Initiative, has been the two parts of the strategy, dumping US regime is to foster, does not meet it strategic plan, and walked away. The New York Times said, in line with the interests of the United States, uniformed democracy; does not meet the interests of the United States, non-uniformed dictatorships. The Greater Middle East Initiative is a cover of the United States to promote its values.

Wang: The values ​​are secondary, hegemony is the main. U.S. dominant position in the Middle East, hegemony, the dominant position has been a serious challenge, not only from the Iranian challenge, not only the challenge from Syria, and from the Arab’s own challenges. But the U.S. is now reason to Iran, Syria to take a moment of such a policy is to ensure that its dominant position. Obama spoke of change of the trend sweeping the East and North Africa, the outcome of this change is still uncertain, but the results, especially with the United States.

Pei Ying far: the Greater Middle East Initiative now looks like there are two basic points, an overall strengthening of the control of the Middle East, which is its main goal. Second, the promotion of American democracy, hope that the Arab, Islamic ideology give way to the West. The United States or dominant, but did not like the plan of it, further strengthened, but is being challenged, the first is the challenge of Iran.

Huihou: the dominant position of the United States in the Middle East is to strengthen or weaken? On one hand, indeed it is certain aspects of weakening, on the other hand, the United States remains a dominant position with the Middle East, this dominant position is not fundamentally shaken, so in some countries in the Arab turmoil or change for the U.S. gains and losses, not all is lost. United States and Western countries have a strong side, Gaddafi to overthrow the United States and Western manifestation of the will of the

China have what kind of Middle East strategy?

Wang: We want to make a difference in the Middle East, should also be clearly seen in the Middle East or the rising star, also limited the strength still keeping a low profile. First observe their own and do their own, and then gradually increase the investment in the Middle East. Our Middle East policy, there are many areas for improvement, based on the principle of noninterference in internal affairs, for example, more extensive contact with local factions people. In the economy, we need to consider future increases in the gold content of the project, can not just send the labor, which is also a problem of restructuring.

Huihou: First of all, the United States is the leader in the Middle East, China is unlikely to replace the dominant position of the United States, we can not do this. Secondly, why in the Middle East issue is always negative and passive response, rather than proactive, it is because we can not be mass response in the Middle East, we do not have this intention. Third, the problems in the Middle East, the impact is not China. But also to see that after the turmoil of the Arab countries, even the Muslim religious forces came to power, bilateral relations between China and these countries will not be much change, because we have no conflict of fundamental interests, non-interference in domestic affairs. In dealing with Iran and Libya, more and more difficult to make a determined effort to take care of all aspects of our Chinese. There are some people really appreciate Russia’s aggressive, in fact, the Russian approach we can not copy.

Ding Yuan Hung: Our foreign policy is different from Western countries. What is the U.S. foreign policy, The United States can do, we absolutely can not do, we do not do not all take the West as a benchmark. China also does not have the strength to make a difference, a warship sent to you, troops can be sent to you, far worse.

Pei Ying far: the Middle East issue, we really should take the attitude, I think a tactical level, a strategic level. At the strategic level, some principles that we should consistently adhere to the Do not peaceful coexistence out of date. Also, keeping a low profile now questioned a lot, but this one still have to adhere, but do not always hang in the oral. Also, a strategic vision, do not see the immediate interests of a little penny contention also half a day to look at long-term, comprehensive look at, depending on the political gains, but also our influence. Foreign tactical level, the practices of India, there are some we can learn from India is also facing a contradiction, on the one hand it is to try to do a good job in its relations with the United States, it is to become the world’s big powers, without the support of the United States is not. In addition, Iran it is very important, its energy depend on Iran. India is how to reconcile these two contradictory goals, worthy of our consideration.


U.S. $ 3.1 billion

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

According to the Xinhua News Agency British real estate tycoon Vincent Qinkui Ci is under the name of 250 000 of real estate to find a buyer to repay the debt.
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For sale real estate , including single-family homes and apartments, the total number of accounting for stock of the UK property market is about 1% , 4 % in southeast England , of which 15 000 in the British capital London . The real estate average remaining lease term of 60 years. After the expiration of the owners may decide to withdraw or continue to be rented .

These real estate liabilities of approximately £ 2 billion ( U.S. $ 3.1 billion ) . Qin Kuici hope that the houses to raise 3 billion pounds ( $ 4.7 billion ) . Iranian -American real estate agency told the British

The Qin Kuici ‘s brother Robert is the largest shareholder of the Bank of Iceland Keyipuxin from this bank for a total of 1.7 billion pounds ( $ 2.7 billion ) loan .

British major fraud Prosecutor’s Office during the investigation Keyipuxin bank failure case , in March last year to arrest the brothers . End of last year , the Fraud Prosecutor’s Office acknowledged that the application for a search the Qin Kuici London office mistakes , an arrest warrant and then revoked . Qin Kuici its reputation and business damage requiring Fraud Prosecutor’s Office compensation .


Xieshang Wei

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Hangzhou Wu Juping hand to catch the falling 10 floor 2-year-old girl was friends known as January 27, Harbin, there have been such a hero, he called Xieshang Wei, 28-year-old, he caught a 5 floor fall unarmed 15-year-old boy. Fortunately, the boy just left wrist fracture, intracranial bleeding slightly, there is no danger, and Xie Shangwei only minor injuries to the lower back and coccyx, has been home recuperating.

Boy falls off firecrackers window

Rescued child named Fu Jiawei, is double the city of Harbin City, two days of high school students in Korea town of Austin, with his mother and stepfather Diaoguang Jun Gong Yu-juan Han town of Austin in Building A farmer living in new home communities. This is a building with a semi-basement, Fu Jiawei family lived on the fifth floor of the building’s fifth floor equivalent to the normal half.

January 29, in double the city People’s Hospital, Temple Yujuan recalled the scene that day still nervous trembling voice: Tell your child to get up to the downstairs while firecrackers, over two minutes when I heard ‘ah’ sound, I ran over a child’s bedroom, when I was terrified, the children are following window frame his hands, the wrists, the longer the body house of.

sliding down a little but I Hande no voice, and then see the Xieshang Wei of Building B and I asked him to take my child, and he ran, I was also boring, and the child fell down the whole process also twenty-three minutes.

Hand to catch 110-pound boy

Xieshang Wei, Han Austin town, height 182cm, in Guangzhou, a company engaged in the fabric procurement. children call me, from the bottom up can only see a pair of feet wearing black socks kicking the wall disorder, I immediately ran over, pushed to the ground floor of the motorcycle, just reach out, the children would fall off. I only think chest startled, a bulging belly, a black eyes, fainted.

Ms Lau said witnesses heard cries for help, she saw hanging on the fifth floor window a child, when I saw Xieshang Wei is flying past, blink of an eye, a child fell down, two people are down to the ground, stunned at the scene see her.

They found a two to two dual handlebar City People’s Hospital Emergency Center. the reward, but Xie Shangwei are politely refused.

After a medical examination, Xie Shangwei only slightly injured lower back and coccyx, the needle hit the anti-inflammatory the day at noon to go home to recuperate. The Fu Jiawei stable condition, no longer life threatening.

family is very grateful to him.

To save time when you did not want other

Speaking of the original is how to save time, Xie Shangwei very flat about: up and I do not think having more noble, although some people say I am silly, but I am worthy of conscience. after the family did not blame me, I do believe that right. even the bosses know this post in Guangzhou, injury to me not to go back to work, but also that understanding.


Foreign media said the situation Satellite data can provide strategic ballistic missiles

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012


Foreign media said the situation Satellite data can provide strategic ballistic missiles

Reported that China Foreign media said the latest in FY-3 satellite equipped with a dozen sets of weather sensors , is China’s most advanced space exploration is one device that can provide weather information to support the PLA . These systems also provide for the anti-ship ballistic missile systems to support measurement and signals intelligence data . Report quoted experts as saying that

Shenzhou spacecraft mapping satellites have accused a military purpose

The media pointed out that with China continue to make breakthroughs in aerospace field , said to be a military purpose. The other hand, greatly exaggerated the threat of China’s space of the United States , with more than half of the world ‘s satellites , many of which are highly advanced military satellites.