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Suitable for the placing of a nine-bedroom Flower

Monday, January 19th, 2009

A wide variety of home accessories, and the most elegant and most of the breath of life, the flowers have to be green. To facilitate the matching of consumers flowers, reporters interviewed a designer Birch, Birch flowers on the current market characteristics, recommended nine kinds of flowers and plants suitable for home display, covering different consumer groups for high, medium and low-grade, and losing fashion.


Cymbidium species diversity, yellow, pink, and red color range and so on. Type the larger trees, about 1.3 meters in height, suitable for display in the larger space. Usually spent on the shelf, seems generous, warm. Cymbidium cold performance, easy maintenance, and normal watering can. Flowering period is longer, usually in two or three months, but spent after the defeat, the general is not easy to re-raise a flower. Cymbidium is a middle-grade flowers, price and quantity are related foil, foil more, the higher prices, and more generally for each plus a foil, the price should be increased by 30 yuan, and if Several combinations together, prices will be higher.


Zantedeschia flowers now Shijiazhuang New flower market, but the small number of innovative, high-grade, is Jiapin gifts. Zantedeschia general white mostly because of Zantedeschia flowers grafting other genes, which produce a variety of colors. Type smaller trees, about 40 centimeters in height, suitable for on the table, coffee table, corner cabinet, as a furniture embellishment. Flowering in a month or so, generally three to four days once poured water, and to a leaves can be the fountain, who are able to clean water or beer leaves, leaves Liangliang better bring out the noble Zantedeschia petals. Petal color generally have the effect of gradual change, leaf type and variety of beautiful, and with some small spots and spent foliage after defeat.


Lily is the prevalence of this year, compared with last year, but less popular. Lily of the Corolla larger, rich flavor, if placed in the room of the iceberg bowl, the whole room can smell the smell of it. Lily elegant style, but not as good-looking and Lily placed too much, otherwise the effect will be counterproductive, the general can choose a combination of five pot, on the doors, windows near the tuyere, in order to facilitate the proliferation of flavor, but Lily afraid of the wind and can not be exposed to. Lily of the flowering shorter, about 15 degrees in the indoor temperature, probably in about two weeks and spent after defeat, leaves little ornamental value, the average family is not easy to re-raise the flowers. Serious impact on the indoor temperature of flowering lily, lily dependent mainly to control the indoor temperature, if the room temperature too high, from bud to flower, you may use only one night. Lily may open in the non-open, fingers can go into, they should put off-tipped stamens gently in order to prevent the formation of pollen has fallen petals on the orange dot. Lily of the bud very beautiful, lily pot if there are blooming flowers, but also to be released the bud, lily of the style will be released most vividly.


Tulip is also more popular varieties of this year, compared with last year, is not popular, this year’s number of more. Compared with other flowers, tulips color, rich and diverse varieties of flowers the size of the gap between the larger type, size, plant height is much more varied, more mature technologies. Different species of flowering is not the same, the general in a month or so. Than the cold, temperatures are high, see light to open faster, preferably on the cold, cool, dark place. Light in particular the impact of the openness of tulips, the biggest feature is open during the day and night together, but as time goes by, will become more open exhibition, gradually opening defeat on the. Tulip plant height of about 40 centimeters, the general portfolio of 10-12 strains pot for the coffee table before, corner cabinet as embellishment. Flower is a low mid-range, price and related species, different species of large price differences. Related:>>> to tulip garden plum bath please


Cyclamen is a general category of flowers, varieties, different species of large price differences. Shijiazhuang is a cyclamen production base, in larger quantities on the market, compared to other cities, Shijiazhuang some more cost effective price. Pink, purple, red with white side of everything and so on. Heart-shaped leaves on the heart-shaped pattern, leaves its high ornamental value. Cyclamen blooming clusters clusters to bring together around the surrounding exuberant leaves, before the coffee table in the home or table, is ideal for festive atmosphere. Cyclamen conservation is simple, suitable for the northern climate, both spent considerable time foliage, good value for money.


Rhododendron is also called the azalea, but also the general public category of flowers. Flowering rhododendron volume particularly large, single flowers are not flowering, but the whole flowering period of sustained long batches, and here soon lost, and there has been opened, will remain open for about two months. Rhododendron their height is not too high, the market saw the tall rhododendrons are grafted out, but also many of the rhododendron flower color to the same tree grafted rootstock, thereby opening colorful flowers. Shijiazhuang market Rhododendron Shandong and Fujian have two, Shandong from more dense rhododendron leaves, trees more expansive type; Fujian over the rhododendron trees type more concise, some thin. Ideotype higher on television on both sides of Rhododendron suitable, suitable for many of the lower basin on together, the green and luxuriant, with back-to-nature scenery. Rhododendron conservation major attention not to the water fountain spray to spend, otherwise perishable flowers.


Phalaenopsis is popular in recent years has been relatively high-grade flowers, those who authorized more, this year’s price slightly lower than in previous years. Phalaenopsis normally the height of about 70 centimeters, flowering in two months. Phalaenopsis are now more and more colors, with the exception of common red, pink, purple, white, there are orange with spots. If a suitable flower, butterfly orchid plants have a unique style, but generally different levels of the moth orchid flowers interspersed portfolio into different types, 3, 5, 7, 12 can be suitable for flowers on the shelves. Orchid flower by the amount of points A, B, C class, the general has a more than seven for the A-class, five more than for the B-class, three more than for the C-class, the higher the level the higher the price. Generally speaking, spent a large amount of petal tall and straight, more straight stem, leaves are succulent and less bright feel is the top grade.

Pineapple Branch Flower

Section pineapple varieties of flowers are more different species of flowers vary greatly, such as Dennis, Red, pink stars, pineal, rice head, Yingge, red arrow, and many other varieties, the price difference is also large, top grade of the pineal , plant have million, and general Dennis, Red Star and so on may be a million. Single plant or a combination of pineapple Branch flowers can show its generosity, nobility of character, if the gifts are usually strains 3,4,5 combining plant significantly less grade. Pineapple Branch Flower flower with the general wish on the living room, can create a festive atmosphere. The conservation of relatively simple, but should have been at the top of flower cup water, in order to facilitate its growth.

Flower hydroponics

Compared with the pot of flowers, ornamental flowers hydroponic higher both spent considerable, not just the root, but also considerable roots, fish, flowers symbiotic taste of fish, on the coffee table or a table, particularly for holiday home luster . Most families have not yet hydroponic flowers, fashion, chic hydroponic flowers are a bright spot in a modern home. Hydroponics Flower type larger trees are dripping Guanyin, and so on, there are medium-sized Dracaena spring such as feathers, small breeds are more white palm, anthurium, pink palm, Syngonium, turtle dorsal bamboo. Hydroponics conservation flowers relatively simple, just the water regularly, you can add some nutrition, clean and convenient.

How the space with flowers

Birch said that the flowers are generally based on the configuration of the performance space of flowers high and low, big, small and color matching. Flowers placed in the living room is not the pursuit of “quantity”, flowers, furniture Forever only as decorations, not to make the living room as if Hanabusa generally placed in the corner of 12 of 1.7 meters high, in the table to place some tree-type smaller flowers, such as Coleus it. Should not be placed in the bedroom tall plants, otherwise easily lead to psychological pressure, and suitable for soft leaves of plants placed in the bedside cabinet adorned some flowers, put some of the counter top, etc. Chlorophytum. Restaurant is not suitable for tall flowers placed in the table decorating a green plants, will be able to adjust when dining mood, plant leaves thicker, the better the effect of anti-smoke, because they can always wipe it will not leaves too thin because of a bad rub. Elegant place in the main study and absorb the radiation of some types of plants such as cactus, science and so on. Toilet can hold a number of shade-tolerant ferns, such as kidney fern, maidenhair fern, but because many of the bathroom light well, the need for regular will get outside the sun flowers. Terrace can be placed some hi-yang of the plants, and can build a small to create a small garden, the general concept of flowers, fruit flower concept are hi-yang.

In addition, the flower and the flowers with a very important, Birch said that the same kinds of flowers in flower size are not the same, we should choose according to their characteristics of the flower is generally a good product mix flowers implication of cultural ideas and good designers bitter intentions, in line with fashion trends, popular grasp. Finished flower can be called a work of art, pleasing to look at, exquisite packaging, with a small card that specifies the meaning of the flowers and maintenance of knowledge, allow consumers to appreciate art at the same time, learn some knowledge of flowers.